11.11 – NCO: Club Setup

Responsible:  NCO Owner, NCO Lead Purchasing, NCO Lead Operations


Vendors are told the 1 week range before club opening to deliver equipment.

  • NCO Project Manager or Controller will confirm pricing with all vendors (should match equipment list).
  • NCO Project Manager will coordinate between moving company and all hired trainers and Director of Group Exclusives to unload and set up all equipment.
  • After the room is setup, pictures should be taken for the cleaners/front desk and trainers to review along with the list of equipment.
    • Trx straps for Edge Strong should be kept in a suitcase in a locked manager’s office

Equipment by Area

Exhibit: New Club Setup Specs

Internal Branding

Each club will have to personally address as how each piece of branding will be sized and placed. The following is a guide and should be used on where and how to place each piece. See Internal Branding section of Exhibit: New Club Setup Specs

All print ready files will be available at:                 www.theedgefitnessclubs.com/newclubassets