11.12 – NCO: Buy and Book Personal Training Event

Responsible:  NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, PT Lead

Event Summary and Goals

This two-day event held the weekend before new club opening is an exciting pre-opening opportunity to introduce our personal training team to our members. At the event new members are offered the first chance to book their personal training sessions. Appointments are mandatory. Members will tour the facility with personal trainers, then are introduced to a Fitness Manager to receive a Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) body transformation plan and EFT Program pricing discount (first month only). This also guarantees their preferred day and time in the schedule before we open.

The goals of the event are to book pre-sale members over a two-day time span for a Buy & Book F1. The show ratio on appointments goal is 80% and closing on appointments 80%. The event is planned by the PT Sales Director and all trainers, Fitness Manager, PT Sales staff, Membership Advisors, & GM are required at this event.

Sales and Marketing Responsibilities

Marketing – Corporate

  • Create and print 20% off flyers.
  • Create email banner and form for members to fill out on line.
  • Mail 20% off flyers to existing members minus clients.
  • Need bios completed and printed for all trainers prior to the event.
  • Make sure grand opening balloons arrive day prior to event.

Sales – Fitness Manager and PT Sales Manager

  • Create email to be sent.
  • Create email list. Cross check for training clients and exclude these emails.
  • Street team (subset of membership team selected by Sales Manager) will distribute flyers printed by Marketing Director with sales offers and will take turns going to local businesses and distributing.
  • Create Buy and Book Schedule of fitness managers for event.
  • Create Buy and Book Schedule of Trainers for event.
  • Create Buy and Book Schedule for making follow-up phone calls prior to event.
  • Book as many F1s into new club calendar for Buy and Book dates and/or flyers to all new members the last few weeks of pre-sale . (Book exactly as 30/30)
  • Make sure each Fitness Manager has a computer for the weekend of event (min. 5 stations)
  • Set up discount in POS.
  • Order body fat testers.
  • Bring workout cards and Par-Qs to club.
  • Load VFP on all computers.
  • Determine how long trainers will spend with member. Will there be a workout or no?
  • Create a schedule for confirming all the appointments by phone.
  • Fitness Managers and trainers are all entered into Datatrak.
  • Purchase pre-paid cell phone for confirming appointments.


Event should take place the weekend before grand opening.

10 Days Prior to Event

  • Launch marketing for event with flyers and email blast to all pre-sale members. See Exhibit: Buy & Book PT Event Information.

7 Days Prior to Event

  • Team of callers (Fitness Manager and VFP salesperson on staff) will call all members to inform them of the Buy and Book Event. If member answers the phone, the caller follows the script, Exhibit: Buy and Book Event Script.

5 Days Prior to Event

  • Email Blast #2 is sent to all members.

4 Days Prior to Event

  • Re-confirm by phone all appointments
  • Confirm all Seller and Trainer time slots
  • Double check computers, systems and paperwork
  • Confirm balloons to be delivered
  • Practice hand-offs with Trainers

Put together cheat guides for stations of trainer names/levels and discounts.