11.13 – NCO: Grand Opening

Responsible:  NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, NCO Lead Marketing

Grand Opening Event

  • Entire hired staff (+ Corporate) are required to work the grand opening
  • The event will be an open house held for 4 hours the night before the club opens
  • Will allow existing members, friends, and potential members to tour the club for free
  • Best Group X classes will be hosted with pre-set members attending and instructors
  • Best Edge Strong Trainer hosting classes with pre-scheduled members
  • Best trainers working out pre-selected members in the club throughout the evening
  • Shake bar serving free samples
  • New members can sign up to join the club but no guided tours
  • 2 months before the club opens, NCO Project Manager will identify A players across Group X, Edge Strong Trainer + members, PT + members in order to showcase areas of the club during the Grand Opening night

Grand Opening Marketing

Content in development.