11.2 – NCO: Pre-sale and Marketing

Responsible:       NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, Marketing Lead

The Mission of the pre-sale is to create buzz, display the brand, and get sign-ups. About six months out or when the lease is signed, begin buzz on social media and continue through pre-sale. Utilize Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the message out that the Edge will be opening in “Fall 2015,” for example. Avoid exact dates at this time. Before the pre-sale opens (four months before club opening), the area around the site should be scouted for potential opportunities to partner with local business and start spreading the word that an exciting new health club will be coming to the area.

Pre-sale Environment – Profile

See Exhibit: Pre-Sale Specs

  • Space:
    • The pre-sale space will be in one of two building types: a) Rented trailer or b) an adjacent unoccupied store to the future club. The latter is much preferred and a trailer should only be used when an actual building cannot be utilized.
    • Assuming the pre-sale space is an adjacent retail location, it should be set up as a smaller mock-up of an actual EDGE club. Cardio equipment, strength equipment, turf, etc. should all be set up and usable. Large banners can be hung along the walls from floor to ceiling with panoramic pictures of existing clubs to convey the colors, textures, look, and feel of an EDGE club.
  • Festive culture:
  • High energy , replicate culture and energy of an Edge club
  • iPod will be plugged into an iPod Dock Sound System and will play Pandora Today’s Hits station
  • Thermometer Countdown (Exhibit: Pre-sale Specs includes example thermometer countdown)
  • Whiteboard
  • Countdown of phases and how many members until price will increase and phase will change
  • Featured equipment (Exhibit: NCO Budget & Purchasing)
  • Cardio (1-2 pieces for trailer sized office, 5-15 pieces for larger sized office)
  • Selectorized (1-2 pieces for trailer sized office, 5-10 pieces for larger sized office)
  • Functional (Kettlebells, Small Mock Turf Area, Synergy Piece, Dumbbells, Physio Balls, Bosu Ball)
  • Banners
  • All print ready files will be available at: theedgefitnessclubs.com/newclubassets
  • Portable tour banners will be placed in pre-sale
  • Placement
  • Endurance: Cardio
  • Mission Statement: Turf Area
  • dotFIT: Front Desk by Juice Bar
  • Edge Strong: Outside Edge Strong Studio
  • Strength Training: Free Weight Area
  • Pictures of new members printed and displayed on wall
  • New member’s Edge photo will be printed by the Sales Manager in color from the webcam software onto printer paper
  • Pictures will be thumb-tacked onto the cork board display and hung on the pre-sale wall
  • The pictures will be formatted into ten columns and unlimited rows necessary to accommodate all member photos
  • Balloons at each sales desk and outside of pre-sale office
  • Sales Manager will blow up all balloons once they get into work in the morning with the helium tank
  • Two red and one silver balloon tied to red or silver ribbon will be at each sales desk on a red balloon weight
  • An A-frame will be placed outside the front of the pre-sale office and two red and one silver balloon will be tied to draw attention and excitement

Pre-sale Staff

See Staffing & Recruiting for hiring and NCO schedule details, as well as Exhibit: NCO Hiring Schedule

  • 1 Sales Manager to run all aspects of pre-sale
  • Minimum of four Membership Advisors (1 Advisor = 100 Memberships) with staffing to increase based on monthly goal
  • One 50-hour PT sales person, if applicable (Not all new club openings have the space to allow an active pre-sale for personal training.)
  • Two personal training staff: one part-time morning and one part-time evening personal trainer will be hired to perform fitness appointments and convert new members to clients before we officially open the club. Hours will be added as the peak hours fill.

All Star NCO Membership Advisor Team


  • New Membership Advisors will go through new employee training two weeks before pre-sale opens
  • Pre-sale sales manager will review expectations and responsibilities one week before pre-sale opens
  • Team will meet two days before pre-sale opens to role-play tours in space and get familiar with expectations and responsibilities
  • Ongoing training and coaching from Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager
  • Role Play Tours (See Exhibit: Tour Script), VIP Guest Presentation, Booking F1, Incoming Phone Calls, Outbound Phone Call   – See Exhibit – VFP Structure for F1

Sales Manager: Additional Responsibilities during Pre-sale

  • Hold membership team accountable to goals and all KPIs
  • Manage outreach and hustle board (Exhibit: Pre-sale Specs)
  • Face of the new Edge
  • Communicate performance, facility issues, corporate opportunities, and community opportunities to Corporate Office Team
  • Organize all billing and act as General Manager of preview center
  • Hold production meetings at 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (same meetings as new club)
  • Sending update to Corporate Office Team and Sales Team at end of day
  • Numbers (memberships, tours, sales stats)
  • Any issues/needs
  • Opportunities that present themselves

Sales Outreach

  • Play
    • Theory = New market, new club… create brand awareness and get Edge fliers and information in as many hands and places as possible
    • Culture = Non-aggressive sales approach, friendly, offering discounts/ complimentary passes, spread the word about The Edge coming to town
    • Accountability = Weekly Hustle Board (Exhibit – Pre-sale Specs)
    • 1-2 Hours of outreach per day per salesperson
    • Goals Per Salesperson Per Week
  • External Memberships = 5
  • Events = 1
  • Businesses = 2
  • Appointments = 10
  • Drop-off of Fliers = 200
  • Outreach Leads = 100
  • Marketing Materials
  • Discounted Rate Coupons
  • Appointment Cards
  • One Day Passes (1 Month Before Opening Date)
  • Content
  • Advertise the $9.99
  • Highlight Amenities: Cardio Cinema, Group Exercise Classes, Turf area, Tanning, Access to all locations

Corporate Sales Outreach

  • Play
  • Corporate sales account executive to lead & execute
  • Develop & sell corporate accounts 3-4 months before pre-sale
  • Network with local businesses and corporations
  • Research biggest 50 businesses within 20 mile radius online
  • Phone Calls to these businesses to set up appointments, visit, and sign up memberships
  • Goal = 30 calls/day… 3 appointments/day… 1 onsite visit/day
  • Drive around and record high opportunities
  • Offer discounted rate to sign up before pre-sale opens
  • $1 down, first month free, $19.99/month Platinum membership
  • Employees and their families can sign up through MICO link online only
  • Each MICO link will have password for corporate group so they can be identified and tracked
  • Formula
  • Goal = 30 calls/day… 3 appointments/day… 1 onsite visit/day
  • Minimum = 5 memberships per on-site visit
  • 6 sales desks and filing cabinets setup – see Exhibit Pre-sale Specs (in case of trailer, 3-4 sales stations)

Other marketing supplies (see Exhibit: NCO Budget & Purchasing): Change forms (500), EZ renew agreement (1,000), One Pay Forms (500), Workout Cards (1,500), Par-Q Sheets (750), Basic Scan Cards (11,000), Platinum Scan Cards (11,000), TI Sheets (25 pads of 50), Trial Scan Cards (11,000), Shake Menu (250), VIP Guest List Form, One Day Guest Pass (1,000 business card size), Gift Certificates (500), Edge Bucks (1,000)

Public Relations

  • Write press releases for all upcoming events and milestones. Director of Marketing will upload to www.prweb.com.This will get it to all the local news outlets. Contact a local newspaper to run an article about the opening of the club.
  • Contact local business, schools, and organizations to partner with for offers and build relationships.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce 3 months before club opening. This is an excellent resource for connecting with the community.

Pre-sale Budget

See Exhibit NCO Budget & Purchasing

Pre-sale Pricing

Once the pre-sale opens, ideally 4 months prior to club opening, the phase one offer is $9.99 down & $9.99/month for Basic and $1 down & $19.99/month for Platinum memberships. These will slowly increase as spaces fill up.

Basic Edge Membership

Phase New Club Members Down Monthly
1 0-250 $9.99 $9.99
2 250-1000 $19.99 $9.99
3 1000-2000 $24.99 $9.99
4 2000-5000 $29.99 $9.99
5 5000+ $39.99 $9.99


Platinum Edge Membership

Phase New Club Members Down Monthly
1-5 0+ $1 $19.99


Exhibit: Pre-sale price sheets for phases 1-5

Pre-sale Membership Goals

Membership goals are set by Edge CEO and finance team responsible for site selection and new club business plan. Personal training goals are set at 25% of new members completing their fitness appointment.

  Pre-sale Month 1 Pre-sale Month 2 Pre-sale Month 3 Pre-sale Month 4 Total Pre-sale
Corporate Sales 50 50 50 50 200
Membership Sales 800 600 580 790 2,500 – 4,000
PT Sales – F1 Setup 200 150 145 198 625 – 1,000


New Club Group X Marketing /Internal and External

  • Pre-sale : Approximately 1 month (or less) into pre-sale , Group X Director submits preliminary schedule of classes to Marketing Director (Exhibit: Group X Matrix 2015)
    • 5×3 foot poster board of schedule printed and posted in pre-sale
  • Master Class: The master class is a large promotional event offered the day or two before the club opens where several formats of classes are offered in an open format to celebrate the club opening and help people experience the classes offered and the club. Members and potential members are invited to celebrate the new club and have some food/etc. in addition to the class.
  • Before Master Class
  • Create flyer to build excitement for Master Class
  • Group X Director will provide marketing director date, times, class formats & instructors names
  • Promote the Master Class on Website, Facebook & via Email to pre-sale prospects and members.
  • Create flyer to have available in pre-sale
  • Attach small flyer to all new member packets
  • Post larger poster near large version of Class Schedule in pre-sale

New Club Tours

  • 2 weeks before club opens, sales team will role play tours in facility (Exhibit: Tour Script)
  • The portable tour banners will be used for role playing until the actual tour banners are hung
  • Tour route will be outlined by Sales Manager and protocol for tours will be set
  • Team will be able to bring prospective members into facility for tours 1 week prior to opening date (access and approval must be authorized through construction company)

Pre-sale KPIs

KPIs used during the pre-sale come from the same reports used after the club is opened. These reports track the following KPIs:

  • 70% Closing Percentage Daily On All Tours
  • Appointment Show + Walk-Ins = Overall Closing %
  • 44 Appointments Will Show (monthly goal)
  • 3 VIPs (Referrals) Per New Member (including online memberships)
  • 110 Appointments Booked (Monthly Goal)
  • 25% Or Higher On 24 Month Agreements
  • 40% PBM Memberships Sold Will Choose Checking Account As Payment Method
  • 70% Of New Members F1 Booked
  • 70% Of F1s Booked Will Show (49% Book/Show % Of New Members)
  • 70% Or Higher $19.99/Month Platinum Memberships
  • 30% Or Lower $9.99/ Month Basic Memberships