11.5 – NCO: Personal Training

Responsible:       NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, PT Lead

Pre-sale PT Setup and Staffing


  • Two sales desks dedicated to PT sales with a phone and computer are necessary during active pre-sale.
  • Equipment for trainers to train new pre-sale members on during their fitness appointments such as the Life Fitness Synergy 360, turf area with prowler & mats, strength training & cardio equipment.
  • See Exhibit: NCO Budget & Purchasing and Exhibit: Pre-sale Specs


Not all new club openings have the space to allow an active pre-sale. If provided, one 50-hour sales person will be hired to sell during our pre-sale months for a personal training staff of two. One part-time morning and one part-time evening personal trainer will be hired to perform fitness appointments and convert new members to clients before we officially open the club. Hours will be added as the peak hours fill. These clients can take their paid personal training sessions prior to opening in the pre-sale space. Strength, stretching, and cardio equipment is provided.

In active pre-sale, club Fitness Manager will join the pre-sale team approximately 30 days after pre-sale begins and will be in charge of meeting all of the new trainers hired, laying out KPI expectations, selling personal training, and managing the Grand Opening Buy & Book Event.

If an active pre-sale is not available, the Fitness Manager will still join the pre-sale team 30 days in advance and help book Fitness Appointments for after we open and manage the Grand Opening Buy & Book Event.

Additional PT Staff to Support New Club Sales

Additional staff whose main responsibility will be to sell personal training due to the extremely high volume of Fitness Appointments during new club opening will be chosen   based on membership goals. This formula is based on memberships x 49% (70% book x 70% show) divided by approx.  175 completed appointments/employee/month (87.5 hours per month).

(For example: 1000 membership goal x 49% = 490 completed appointments divided by 175 = 2.8 employees)

The Fitness Manager makes up the first 175, so in this case we would need to hire an additional 50-hour employee 100% dedicated to completing Fitness Appointments and a 40-hour employee (fitness consultant) to take the overflow. These employees can be brand new to the EDGE but an internal candidate is preferred.

The General Manager, #2 Assistant Manager, Club Opener, Sales Manager, and front desk fitness consultants will be trained as well in presenting the Visual Fitness Software to sell personal training.

All employees selected to present VFP must be trained and certified.

Pre-sale PT Timeline

Two weeks prior to pre-sale start:

  • Confirm that the Director of Education has hired two part-time trainers of which their hours should be 8:30am-1pm and 2pm-6:30pm Monday-Thurs. Saturday 7:30-12:30 and 1pm-4:30.
  • Confirm equipment delivery date/time.
  • PT Director will order VFP Banner from Director of Marketing.

One week prior to pre-sale start:

  • Hire & train a full-time PT salesperson.
  • Train any additional staff on VFP if needed.
  • Load VFP on all computers.

One month after pre-sale start:

  • Train pre-sale Sales Manager to sell with Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) approx. one month after pre-sale begins to help with overflow as we add trainers.
  • Director of Fitness and Director of PT Sales will monitor staff and hire additional trainers as schedules fill, approx. one month after pre-sale begins while being cognizant of having enough sales staff to take trainer hand-offs.

One month prior to Grand Opening:

  • Move the new club Fitness Manager to the pre-sale space.

Weekend prior to new club opening:

  • Hold a three-day Buy & Book Personal Training Grand Opening Event (see Buy & Book PT section).

Pre-sale PT Sales Goals

Exhibit: Pre-sale PT Goals

Goals are based on 25% of new members completing their Fitness Appointment. Of the 25% completing their Fitness Appointment, we expect 20% to buy personal training at a pre-determined average sale.

Pre-sale PT Forecast

(In this example October is based off of three weeks of completing appointments.)

Month Closed Appts Avg Sales Total Rev Realized Appts
OCT 26 $150 $3,900 30
NOV 42 $137 $5,765 150
DEC 42 $125 $5,250 250


*Forecast above does not include estimate recurring services.

New Club PT Set-Up “Office” Needs

  • PT Service needs a minimum of 3-4 areas designed by the PT cage.
  • Computers – one for each station
  • Phones – one for each station
  • Only small desk work area required
  • 2-chairs at each station
  • Par-Q Pads
  • Workout cards
  • dotFit coaching outlines
  • Manila folders
  • 1-black/white printer for the stations as a whole
  • Scale
  • 10 Body fat monitors (hand held, 1 for every 3 trainers)
  • Clipboards, pens
  • Filing cabinet space needed for approx. 12 trainers (half drawer each)
  • Cabinet is two-sided

New Club PT Sales

New PT sales company-wide is based off of a formula beginning with the membership goal. After the membership goals are established, PT Sales Director will establish the PT sales goals.

When calculating the PT New dollar goal for the new club, total membership goal is multiplied by an expectation that our membership advisors will book fitness appointments for 70% of the new members who join. We then multiply this 70% by an expectation that 70% of this number will show up and complete their fitness appointment. This ultimately gives us a goal of 49% of our new members completing their fitness appointment. Our goals from here take us to closing 35% of the 49% at an average sale to be determined by the controller. (90% of sales are expected to purchase an ongoing EFT month to month program. 10% are expected to purchase an expiring package.)

Formula Example:

  • 100 membership goal x 70% booked = 70 members booking their Fitness Appointment.
  • 70 members booked x 70% show = 49 members who completed their Fitness Appointment.
  • 49 members showed x 35% = 17 unit sales
  • 17 unit sales x 90% EFT x average sale of $175 = $4,550
  • 17 unit sales x 10% package x average sale of $190 = $323
  • PT New EFT Revenue goal for the month: $4,550
  • PT New Total Revenue goal for the month: $4,873

*See PT Formula Exhibit: PT Formula – New Club Opening Example.xlsx

New Club PT Scheduling

Fitness Manager will be expected to create a schedule for personal trainers. See Exhibit: PT Schedule