11.6 – NCO: Edge Strong

Responsible:       NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, PT Lead

Edge Strong New Club Scheduling

  • Director of Group Exclusives is responsible for creating an Edge Strong Schedule (Exhibit: Edge Strong Schedule) which should be advertised 1 month into pre-sale, subject to change
    • Launch with 20-24 sessions/week and add on more each additional week as sign ups increase and based on member demand
    • Workouts change every week
    • New clubs should not offer Edge Interval or Edge Flex classes
    • All trainers should be on the Edge Strong schedule but not on the Group X schedule (in current clubs, trainers can teach one spin class and one Group X class per week)
    • The Edge Strong schedule should complement the Group X Schedule
    • There should be a balance between Foundation, Strength, Burn, Exclusive and Specialty
  • Copies of the schedule will be printed and handed out in pre-sale as well as a large 5×3 poster
  • Each member receives one week of Edge Strong for free (offered by membership advisors during sale, similar to F1)
  • Group X instructors should have Edge Strong explained to them (Director of Group Exclusives will pick a day/time to present Edge Strong during trainer’s training week)
  • The schedule will be adjusted based on attendance and member feedback (morning or night frequencies, etc.) and can’t be finalized until all trainers are hired
  • All schedule information is put on a matrix to track pay and attendance

Edge Strong Lead Trainer

  • Fitness manager will pick a lead trainer for their Edge Strong program (Exhibit- Edge Strong Lead Trainer Responsibilities)
  • In each staff meeting the Lead Trainer will go over the workouts provided by Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director for Burn, Strength and Foundation.
  • Leader will create the Exclusive workouts with the rest of the Exclusive trainers and send their workout to Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director to review.
  • Responsible for equipment inventory and needs.
  • Organize strong trainer staff meetings to review expectations
  • Make sure the white boards are written up at the beginning of the week for each session.
  • Preset timer for all programs at beginning of week.
  • Make sure all trainers are sticking to the program.
  • Addressing any feedback from members or trainers with Michelle Tiani; Director of Group Exclusives and Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director
  • Helping new trainers on how to present and teach the format of Edge Strong
  • Encourage all trainers to have their clients participate in Edge Strong

Edge Strong New Club Pricing

Every member can try one week for free

Edge STRONG: $79.99/month

Smart Train: Personal Training and Pilates clients who train add on for $20

Employees: FREE

Non Member: $129/month

1x week Training: access to one session per week $29.99/month in Hamden, Meriden, and Norwalk

No PIF option

Drop in Fee: $20

Multi-Club Access: All members have access, need to be rung in under ES Multi Club in each club they want to work out in.