11.7 – NCO: Edge Kids

Responsible:       NCO Owner, NCO Lead Operations, Edge Kids Lead

Note: See Edge Kids Guidebook for detailed procedures.

Edge Kids Facilities

  • The Edge Kids Director will be given a budget for the new babysitting room. (Exhibit: NCO Budget & Purchase List – Edge Kids Department)
  • The director and new supervisor will work together to purchase the items for the Edge Kids room. This will include:
    • Items for the infant only area
  • Baby swings and seats
  • Changing table
  • Early learning toys
    • Craft tables and chairs
    • Bookshelves and books
    • Train table and play kitchen
    • All toys
    • Chairs for Kids Cinema
    • Movies for Kids Cinema
    • Gaming stations & games

Edge Kids Pricing Strategy

  • Hourly: $5.00 for the first child for 2 hours, $4.00 each additional child for a maximum of 2 hours
  • New Edge Kids Membership: $29.00 per month includes unlimited Edge Kids