3.3.1 – First Club Visit/Tour

Now that you have attracted a potential member to the club, the first impression begins with the club tour. It is your obligation to ensure The Edge staff is properly trained to provide prospects an outstanding experience.

The Tour Presentation 2017

How To Give a Perfect Tour PDF Guide

How To Give a Perfect Tour Video

The Welcome

The welcoming of prospects is completed by the front desk staff member. It consists of:

  1. A greeting and introduction
  2. Shaking hands
  3. Asking the prospect’s name
  4. Introducing the prospect by name to the advisor
  5. Using high energy and enthusiasm throughout the introduction
  6. Thanking them for visiting

The Warm Up

After the greeting, the advisor brings the guest to the membership sales area, and:

  1. Starts the guest waiver form
  2. Asks for pertinent information like spelling of name, email address, and phone number
  3. Probes to identify the marketing source
  4. Asks about convenience of location to work and home
  5. Asks occupation type
  6. Uses a comfortable and welcoming approach with the prospect throughout

Goals and Needs

After obtaining general information and sign-off on the waiver, the advisor then dives into goals and needs by:

  1. Making conversation about recreation, currently involved in physical activities, fitness goals, exercise goals, etc.
  2. Discussing fitness goals in depth by asking:
    • Are you currently exercising? Where or what?
    • How long have you been thinking about achieving these goals?
  3. Detailing The Edge’s commitment to help members achieve goals and results
  4. Identifying the motivation behind the prospect’s goals
  5. Ranking the prospects motivation to achieve their goal
  6. Engaging the prospect in conversation about The Edge’s most important membership features
  7. Signing the waiver form and starting the tour

The Presentation

The presentation is the bulk of the first club visit where features and benefits are discussed with the prospect by:

  1. Introducing our Mission Statement and relating it back to the prospect’s fitness goals while showing them check-in process
  2. Club hours and Guest Privileges
    • Identify the time that the prospect will most likely use the club
    • Use this information to transition into club hours; this information is necessary to make PT recommendations later
    • Explain guest privilege options briefly
  3. Explaining the importance of cardio
  4. Explaining the importance of strength training
  5. Explaining the importance of Edge Strong
  6. Explaining the importance of dotFIT Results Tracking
  7. Explaining the importance of Group X
    • Explaining the use of the red kiosk outside the Group X studios
  8. Explaining the importance of Personal Training
    • Pointing out any personal trainers while on the floor
    • Showing the Personal Training area (not cage) exclusive, etc.
    • Making recommendations of trainers who work with their schedules and avoiding leaving the door open for the prospect to say no
    • Fitness Appointment introduced with the PT
    • VFP banner
      • Preface the banner by asking “What is your plan to obtain your goal?”
      • Resume with we will help them build the most effective plan
  9. Explaining the importance of Functional Training as pertaining to the Turf area
  10. Explaining the importance of Pilates Studio* (select locations)
  11. Detailing other amenities features of The Edge including:
    • The locker room, cleanliness and features, showers, and saunas
    • Tanning and Massage
    • Juice bar
    • Edge Cinema
    • Edge Kids
    • Multi-club access
    • The Clean Team and cleanliness of the facility
    • Maintenance Team and QR codes
    • Women’s only section
    • Spin classes

The Close: 


The close is the final step to getting a potential new member to sign.

  1. Ensure you are setting yourself up for success by asking 2 or 3 “Yes” questions before presenting pricing:
  • So what do you think of your new club? Do you love it?
  • Can you see yourself working out here?
  • Can you see yourself reaching your goals here?

2. Present the Membership Options and Pricing

  • Provide membership pricing sheet and fees
  • Explain the processing and enhancement fee positively and with enthusiasm
  • Address objections to joining by relating back to member’s goals and needs
  • Continue the sale after objections were addressed