3.4.1 – Overcoming Objections

Signing up new members to The Edge is a thorough process that starts with the greeting. Many times during the sales process, a potential member may object. The following information helps overcoming these potential objections.

Overcoming Objections

If you hear NO, it must run off your back like water off a duck’s back. It is simply a request for more information. It takes an average of five requests to close a sale. Let’s look at some examples of objections.

1. Objection: “I need to think about it.”

Feel, Felt, Found, Close

I understand exactly how you feel. Many of our members have felt that way and what they have found is that we have the cleanest facilities, the most knowledgeable and friendliest staff, and we keep you motivated and working towards your goals. Are your goals important to you?

2. Objection: “Planet Fitness is cheaper.”

Feel, Felt, Found, Close

I understand that. Some of our members have felt that way and what they’ve found is that by paying $5-$10 more per month for the cleanest facility in the area, having the most knowledgeable and friendliest staff with top notch equipment was more important than price. Is cleanliness important to you? Is having over 800 group classes per week to choose from important to you? Is having state of the art equipment that is well maintained important to you? Is having certified personal trainers available important to you?

3. Objection: “I can’t afford it.”

Reversal Close

That is exactly why you should join, you are getting the best possible value you can ever get. By starting now you are guaranteeing yourself the best possible rate. Do you agree that you can see yourself working out here? Do you agree that you can see yourself achieving your goals here? Then let’s get you started.

4. Objection: Member walks in and the first thing they say is: “I don’t want to buy anything. I never purchase anything on the first visit.” “I’m here to look. I don’t want a sales pitch.” “I’m not here to buy.”

Approach Close

Keep in mind the potential member may be saying this or acting this way because of a bad previous experience. It is your job to make them feel comfortable now.

I’m not here to sell you anything, I am simply here to help, to find out what your goals are and see if we can help you meet them.

5. Objection: “I don’t want to sign a contract.”

Two options:

    • Right now, go for the No Commitment Membership. Of course our goal is to sell the 12/24 month regular agreement but this is an option for those that are adamant about no contracts.
    • Yes, there is a 12 month commitment, and the greatest thing about it is that after your first 12 months it goes to a month to month membership. You don’t have to renew for another year like some clubs require.

6. Objection: “Just tell me the prices!”

That’s the best part! May I come back to that in just a minute?

Bring the conversation back to value, goals and features FIRST, then lead into how great of a deal our $19.99/month is!

7. Objection: “I don’t know. What if I don’t like it in 6 months?”

<Prospect name>, you will love it here in 6 months, you will not want to leave. We agreed before that this was a commitment to yourself, make that commitment to yourself and let’s reach your goals together.

What Members Expect Once They Join?

  • The latest and most modern equipment
  • Professional assistance
  • Impeccably clean facility
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Plenty of cardio equipment
  • Machines that are well maintained
  • To be a name and not a number
  • Great service at all time
  • To be motivated to reach your goals
  • Individualized one-on-one attention

New Members who Join Online Protocol

New Member who Enrolled Online (not visit club)

Goal: (improve the onboarding process for online members)

  1. Meet with new member to take photo and attach to membership.
  2. Distribute new membership key tag to match membership.
  3. Book new member’s Fitness Initial with a Trainer who can best match member’s goal.
  4. Present the VIP Guest presentation and collect a minimum of three VIP Guest names and phone numbers.

Action Steps:

  1. Sales Manager will run the “New Online Membership” report from Datatrak daily.
  2. Sales Manager will call to make appointment (add appointment to In Touch) for “Activation of Membership.”  See verbiage for Activation of Membership call.
  3. Sales Manager will make a 2nd attempt on following day to make an appointment for Activation of Membership.
  4. Membership Advisors will meet with the new member and execute the necessary steps to complete the Activation of Membership. (photo, key tag, Book F1, Present and Collect VIPs)

New Member who Enrolled Online (walks into the club 1st visit):

The goal is to improve the onboarding process for online members.

  1. Point person will recognize opportunity to improve onboarding process for online member and greet the new member at point with a smile, introduction and welcoming to the club. Front desk employee will walk the new member over and introduce to a Membership Advisor.
  2. Membership Advisor will meet with the new member and execute the necessary steps to complete the Activation of Membership such as taking photo, getting key tag, booking F1, presenting and collection VIPs.

Phone Call Verbiage

Hello, (new member name) my name is (Sales Manager name) and I am one of the Managers at the Edge Fitness clubs, how are you today? I noticed you joined our club online today/yesterday, is that correct? Have you met with anyone to complete the Activation of your new Membership? Let’s set an appointment now to complete the Activation of your new Membership. What time is good for you today? How about tomorrow?

Book F1

  1. After the membership advisor selects Save and Pay, the Datatrak calendar will automatically pop up.
  2. During the guest waiver, the advisor will have identified the new member’s fitness level and goals. While performing the tour, the normal time that the new member will be working out is identified and trainer suggestions will be made based on goals and availability. An example of this conversation:

“Based on your goal of wanting to lose 20 pounds and you working out in the mornings, I really feel that Marc will be a great match for you. If by chance he is not available at the time that works best for you, I do have another trainer in mind who can just as effectively get you to your goals.”

  1. Select the suggested trainer from the drop down at the top of the calendar to pull up their full schedule.
  2. Give two times/days available and ask which one works best. For example:

“You said that you will be working out in the mornings, Marc has some morning spots available this week. He can do Monday at 8am and Tuesday at 9am, which of those two times is better for you?”

  1. Book the Fitness Appointment SB into the time slot selected. Leave notes on the appointment. Get the bio of the trainer you set the appointment with and write the date and time on the back. Give the bio to the member along with their other new member information.

Obtain Member Referrals

At the end of the new membership presentation, the last thing we do is the VIP Presentation. Pull out the Flip Book, pull out two blank VIP sheets and a pen.

Presentation begins with “Now let me introduce you to the MOST IMPORTANT part of your membership”.

Read through the pages of the Flip Book. Click here to review the Flip Book.

At the end, leave the blank sheets and pen with the member and leave quickly. Do not return to the desk until they have finished writing.

Get Scan Card

Scan card is provided on the 3rd tab of the Membership EAE. There is a highlighted box that says BARCODE. The scan card is either scanned on the scanner at the desk or the code is manually entered into the box.

Follow-up Procedures

Club OS is automatically loaded with follow up schedule and scripts for follow up with folks that do not book an appointment when you speak with them or that chose not to join when they come in for the tour.