3.5.1 – DataTrak Sign-Up

  1. Converting the prospect in Datatrak and selecting the correct membership type from the EAE drop down

2. “Personal” DataTrak tab

  • Entering the member’s personal information or scan ID along with emergency contact

3. “Plan” DataTrak Tab

  • Selecting the 12/24 image to present the benefits of 24-month membership versus 12-month member
  • Overcome any objections to a 24-month membership

4. “Agreement” DataTrak Tab

  • Creating a scan card for the member
  • Select the proper sales person
  • Selecting the correct marketing source in the system
  • Asking for a referring member

5. “Payment Amounts” DataTrak Tab

  • Simply for you to confirm correct plan and promotion

6. “Billing Info” DataTrak Tab

  • Presenting checking account as primary billion option and overcoming any objections
  • Setting up checking/savings as primary form of billing
  • Obtaining alternate billing only when primary form is credit or debit card
  • Discussing the benefits of having a card on file and obtaining one

7. “Agreement” DataTrak tab

  • Take member’s photo

8. Reviewing new member’s personal information and amount due today before getting signatures

  • Explaining the areas for signature and obtaining them