6.2 – Edge Kids

The Edge Fitness Clubs invites members to enjoy our Edge Kids™ program. While members pursue their health and fitness goals, our staff provides their children an active, safe and fun environment for their care. Our mission is to provide a safe and exciting environment which promotes having fun, being active and healthy. Edge Kids will establish relationships with our youngest members to give them an Edge in life.


  • Active Play introduction to fitness
  • Fitness Activities and games
  • Music and dance games
  • Storytelling with creative movement
  • Free play to develop social skills
  • Large play area
  • Infant only area with rockers
  • Infant and toddler programming
  • Children’s bathroom with changing tables

Select locations include:

  • Kids Cinema
  • Video games
  • Basketball Court

Edge Kids Policies

Edge Kids Policies and procedures 2016 Final

The following rules and regulations were developed with the safety and concern of children in mind. With the amount of children who use our facilities throughout the day, it is important that we adhere to these guidelines. Children may spend a maximum of 2 hours per day in the Edge Kids facility, unless they are participating in an event. We reserve the right to limit children in the room to maintain safety. There may be a short wait to enter during peak times.


  • We accept children 6 weeks old through 12 years old.
  • In addition to the main Edge Kids room there is also an infant only area available where we have walkers, swings, and age appropriate toys.

Bottles and Cups

  • Pre-made bottles for infants under 1 year may be offered in the infant area.
  • Edge Kids allows only water in a spill proof container.
  • Bottles and cups will be labeled with child’s name.


  • Due to food allergies, our Edge Kids centers are Snack Free Zones. Children should eat their meals at home and not in the Edge Kids room.
  • Exception during events, nut-free foods will be provided in a designated area, and any child with allergies will be closely monitored.


All pacifiers must be attached to the child.


Programs will be limited to educational or musical programs. Best-seller family movies are played daily in our Kid’s Cinemas.

Time Limit

  • Children may be in the Edge Kids room for no longer than 2 consecutive hours. No exceptions.
  • Edge Kids may impose a $10 fee for every 5 minutes, or part thereof for late pickups after 2 hours and/or Edge Kids closing.
  • Repeated late pickup may result in a suspension of Edge Kids services.
  • We reserve the right to limit time to 90 minutes during peak periods.
  • Parents must remain on The Edge premises at all times while child is at Edge Kids, with the exception if their child is signed up for an event.

Toys from Home

  • We do not allow toys from home, with the exception of a security item such as a blanket.
  • Electronics including cell phones, tablets, laptops are not permitted in thee Edge Kids room.
  • Edge Kids is not responsible for items left behind.

Check-In/Out Procedures

  • All children must be paid for before checking into the Edge Kids room.
  • Check in by scanning the card through the computer. Monthly unlimited packages are for member children only. Friends and/or other relatives are paid at the daily rate of $5 per child.
  • One parent/guardian will enter Edge Kids room with their child. When signing in to the Edge Kids room, your child will be given a name tag for security purposes. No child will be released to any person other than the person who brought the child in to the room unless prior permissions have been authorized with photo ID.
  • All children should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer as they enter the Edge Kids room. Understand that our thorough check-in procedure is to ensure the safety of your child. Please leave enough time before your class/workout begins to properly check your child into our facility. All children must be signed out before leaving the Edge Kids room.

Club Facilities
It is not safe for children to be in the locker rooms or on the workout floor at any time. Children will be escorted by the staff to the Kids Fit classes and back to the Edge Kids room after class. Children 12 and under should not be left in the Edge Kids room during closed hours. Kids are also not permitted to sit at the juice bar at any time or in any lobby areas; they should check into Edge Kids.

Comments and Suggestions

We welcome comments and suggestions regarding our facilities, staff and activities. Please provide site-specific contact information.

Diapering and Toileting

Parents will need to bring a change of diapers and clothing with for any child in diapers. In the event a diaper change is needed, the Edge Kids team members notify the parent of changing. Parents must respond within 5 minutes of being notified. Parents of a child who is in the process of potty training need to notify staff of this and have children in a pull-up.


Edge Kids staff will always try to resolve any conflicts or behavior problems with the parents so that consistent and appropriate discipline is used to help the situation. We never touch children for disciplinary reasons, only to comfort them or remove them from a potentially dangerous situation. Willful disruption of activities, physical aggression and profanity are not tolerated. We expect our Edge Kids to treat each other and the Edge Kids staff with kindness and respect. We reserve the right to suspend a child from Edge Kids at any time should we feel they are not abiding by this principle.


Children should dress comfortably so they can play and participate in all of the activities. Shoes and shirt are required.

Hours of Operation

Operating hours vary by club. Hours are posted inside the club and on our website.


All holiday hours are posted in the club.


  • If a child is running a fever of 100 degrees or more, is vomiting, has a runny nose, has diarrhea, or has evidence of any communicable disease, or is otherwise unable to participate in normal activities, they are not allowed in Edge Kids™
  • If a child develops any of these symptoms while in our care, parents are required to pick him/her up immediately.
  • Before returning to Edge Kids, the child must be free of all symptoms for 24 hours.
  • We strive to keep our room a healthy and happy place.
  • If our Edge Kids staff feels that a child appears to be ill, it is at their discretion to ask the parent that the child be removed from the facility that day.
  • School-aged children are not allowed in the Edge Kids facility during school hours, unless they are home-schooled.
  • Any child who has allergies that resemble a cold, a doctor’s note must be presented.

Lost and Found

All items left behind are placed in our lost and found box, which can be found in the Edge Kids room. All items left for more than 10 days will be donated to charity or thrown away. We are not responsible for items left behind.

Birthday Parties

The Edge offers birthday parties, all types and all ages.

  • Parties are 90 minutes in length
  • Approximately 60 minutes of play/fun time in the studio and 30 minutes in the Edge Kids room for pizza, cake, and presents
  • Guests may work out for free during the birthday party
  • Choices are:
  • Zumba (with certified instructor)
  • bringtheHOOPLA
  • Fit Kids
  • Custom options!
  • Parents can bring their own food and drink; goodie bags, cupcakes, and pizza are an additional charge. All food items must be nut-free.