6.12 – Personal Training

Before VFP Appointment

  • Par-Q sheet should have the following information filled out:
    • Member name
    • Member email
    • Member phone number
    • Date
    • Trainer Name
    • Fitness Manager
  • Be in uniform
  • Edge Strong calendar should be on hand

Greeting VFP Appointment

Appointments always start on time. For a successful appointment, the trainer:

  • Shakes the prospect’s hand and introduce themselves by:
    • “Hi you must be Joe! Joe, my name is Pete, thanks a lot for coming in today. Before we get started I have a few questions for you.”
  • Go through Par-Q sheet and complete. The Par-Q should sound like a conversation not a survey.
  • Once the Par-Q is filled out turn in to front desk.

During VFP Appointment

  • The trainer then asks the three questions that build value in training and expose the need for more personal training:
  1. While walking from the front desk to where the warm-up will take place, reiterate the goal back to the prospect and ask, “So what is your plan is to accomplish that?”
  2. At some point during the appointment the prospect should become fatigued. Instruct them to rest and while resting ask, “How does this workout compare to what you would normally do on your own?”
  3. Obviously working with a trainer provides a better workout than being alone and the prospect’s answer to question #2 should indicate that. Following his/her answer ask, “Who do you think gets better results? The person with no plan or the person that comes in and is coached and guided through a custom program?”
  • Training prospect should be brought into the Edge Strong Studio for part of the workout to use the equipment incorporated in the Edge Strong Team Training sessions.
  • When in the Edge Strong Studio, discuss Team Training, have Edge Strong calendar on hand to show all the Team Training sessions we offer, as well as what sessions would be best for the prospect. Circle/highlight those sessions.

Closing VFP Appointment

  • With 2-3 minutes left in the appointment, end the workout, and perform the following two sales actions:
  1. Pre-close: This is a conversation between the trainer and the prospect. Provide positive feedback/reinforcement, but also bring up the areas that need improvement. Tell them you want to design a customized fitness/nutrition program for them that will help them achieve said goals. Let them know you are going to introduce them to (insert FM’s name) who is going to start that process for them.
  2. The hand-off has six parts:
    1. Introduction: introduce the prospect to the FM
    2. Goal: reiterate the prospect’s goal to the FM
    3. Problem: why does the prospect need to train with you
    4. One on One Recommendation: twice per week half hour sessions is the standard
    5. Team Training Recommendation: suggest 2 appropriate classes, circle/highlight on schedule, and hand to prospect.
    6. Close: thank the client, shake hands, and walk away.
  • EXAMPLE: “Joe, this is Aileen, Aileen this is Joe. Aileen takes care of everyone that I train. Joe did an awesome job today with me. He’s looking to lose 30 lbs, but does not have a plan to accomplish that. I need to design a solid workout routine for Joe, as well as a great nutrition plan, so to do that I need to see him twice per week for half-hour sessions. I also want Joe taking advantage of our Edge Strong Team Training sessions, and getting into one Strength session and one Burn session each week. I circled those on the Strong schedule for him. Joe, thanks for coming in today. I’ll see you soon.”


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