6.13 – Edge Strong (Team Training)

In our Team Training program we focus on five different types of workouts; foundation, strength, burn, specialty, and exclusive which take your principal strength and conditioning to a higher level with an elite program dedicated to improve endurance and functional performance potential. Each session is led by one of our personal trainers who will motivate and instruct members to see outstanding results!

  • Burn: For members with moderate to high exercise knowledge currently in a consistent routine. Experience innovative full body exercises chosen for higher calorie burn.  Faster-paced / higher intensity training primarily focused on cardiovascular health.
  • Strength: Full body conditioning for members with basic exercise knowledge or better. Programmed to increase strength and power with some endurance. Moderate to hard workouts with the goal of getting stronger. Great compliment to regular strength training routine!
  • Foundation: Full body conditioning recommended for beginners but open to all fitness levels. Designed to prepare the body for proper and corrective movement & function. Moderately challenging workouts taught in a fun & safe environment. Launching pad to a more exercise-knowledgeable and confident member!
  • Specialty: These courses include the following:
    • Body Method Barre workout that blends ballet, yoga and Pilates using a ballet bar and light weights with the goal of producing long, lean muscles. Class Max 20-25
    • Boxout High intensity – high energy boxing that includes glove and target work. Be prepared to take your workout to the next level with this intense cardio and interval training session. Gloves or wraps are required. Class Max 15
    • HIT – Led by Crossfit level one trainers. This high intensity session is built around functional movement incorporating strength and speed. Class Max 15
  • Exclusive: Instructor’s choice styled class for higher fitness levels. Inspired by master level trainers for members that want an “out of the box” experience. Mixed-paced moderate to hard full body workouts that will challenge strength, endurance, balance, & agility. Members who want variety love our exclusive programming!

Edge Strong Protocol

Trainers are to follow this protocol for Edge Strong classes:

  • Wear their red Edge uniform shirt
  • Reference the Edge Strong binder for the current week’s workout routine, check the strong workout website or review the Fitness Director’s email. These workouts change weekly and trainers must adhere to the strict protocol.
  • Print attendance sheet
  • Set up equipment and label stations with Edge Strong cones
  • Make sure the workout is clear on the wipe board for the warm-up and the type of session
  • Take attendance
  • Introduce themselves and the type of class:
    • Example: “Hi everyone, just in case you haven’t been here before, my name is Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director and this is the Edge Strong Burn session. It’s a full body workout combining strength training and cardio.”
  • Asks everyone to look to their left and right and introduce themselves if they don’t know the person standing next to them
  • Demonstrate each exercise in the circuit and announce the training variables (example: each station is 30 seconds, this is a 10-minute circuit, etc.)
  • Instruct members through the Warm Up
  • Instruct the session
  • Team Building exercise
  • All hands in
  • Instructor reads the message of the week
  • Cool down
  • Front desk staff are present to convert trials

Note: If no one shows up to class, prospect the floor and recruit new participants. The instructor is required to stay for 10 minutes after the class start time for any last-minute shows. If no one shows up after 10 minutes they need to work the floor by prospecting and grab people off the floor to do the workout for the remainder of the 20 minutes. If they leave the building after 10 minutes of waiting and don’t prospect, they do not get paid.

Session Guidelines

Trainers are to follow these guidelines during the session:

  • Start/end the session on time
  • Music should not be unbearably loud
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Constantly moving around the room evaluating/coaching members. Don’t be a statue.
  • Interact with each member (motivate, critique form/technique, etc.)
  • If there’s an empty station, feel free to get involved in the session
  • Use the wall timer
  • Use of cell phones as timers is not allowed
  • Instructors must KNOW the workout ahead of time and all of the exercises outlined
  • Instructors must NOT change the pre-determined workout OR the class type
  • Staff meetings are mandatory. At least 30 minutes of every staff meeting will be reviewing the workouts and protocol for next week’s sessions and the quality and consistency of that club’s program. Room cleanliness should be addressed as well
  • Board writing responsibilities need to be assigned in the staff meeting for next week’s sessions
  • Instruct members through the Cool Down, Soft Tissue Work, or Team Building activity
  • Deliver Message of the Week
    • Example One: “Before I let you all go, I wanted to let you all know that this week we are running a 10% off special on the dotFIT ActiveMV multivitamin. We need all those essential vitamins and minerals to recover from this workout. Make sure you pick one up on your way out!”
    • Example Two: “I just wanted to remind everyone that this coming Friday is July 4th. The Edge is running a special holiday schedule and will only be open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM so that all of us can celebrate the holiday.”
  • Make sure to acknowledge everyone as they leave the session.
    • Example: “Joe, awesome job today my man! I’ll see you next week!”
  • Check attendance, verify and complete the session in Datatrak

Trials in Edge Strong Sessions

  • The front desk staff will highlight or review with the trainer who the trials are in that session
  • The trainer can also check who is a trial but scrolling through the attendance in Datatrak
  • The trainer must make sure to pay attention to that member and make sure they have a great experience
  • Someone from the front desk should be at the room at the end of the session to help sell them on the program

Lead Trainer Responsibilities

Each manager picks a lead trainer for their Edge Strong program. In each staff meeting they go over the workouts provided by Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director for Burn, Strength and Foundation. Additionally:

  • They create the Exclusive workouts with the rest of the Exclusive trainers and send their workout to Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director to review.
  • Responsible for equipment inventory and needs
  • Organize strong trainer staff meetings to review expectations
  • Make sure the white boards are written up at the beginning of the week for each session.
  • Preset timer for all programs at beginning of week.
  • Make sure all trainers are sticking to the program.
  • Address any feedback from members or trainers with Michelle Tiani; Director of Group Exclusives and Pete Toth; Edge Strong Fitness Director
  • Help new trainers on how to present and teach the format of Edge Strong
  • Encourage all trainers to have their clients participate in Edge Strong


  • Edge STRONG:
    • $79/month  
  • Smart Train: Personal Training and Pilates clients who train add on for $20
    • Employees: FT
  • Multi-Club Access- All members have access, need to be rung in under ES Multi Club in each club they want to work out in.

Employee Rules and Restrictions

  • Cannot reserve a spot in class; can join in when the session is not full
    • Let the trainer/instructor know you are an employee in the class and not to count you in their attendance
    • No reoccurring service is set up on your account
  • Don’t scan into class, it won’t work because there is no service linked to account
  • If the class is not full, encourage other members to take the session with you, making sure they have the Strong membership or one week free trial on their account
  • After you take some sessions, talk them up. You will have a better understanding of them as you take them
  • Employees are encouraged to write a review on constant contact to evaluate the session
  • You can have multi-club usage to take the other clubs offerings – but again only if the session is not full and you do not scan in to the kiosk
    • This access is only valid for Edge Fitness Clubs employees only, not for the family or friends of Edge employees. If you are found breaking this rule your privilege of taking these small group training sessions will be revoked.

The Edge Strong Team training has approximately 10-20 participants per 60-minute class. Members have access to unlimited classes and monthly individualized programming sessions.

Freeze and Cancel Policy

Members must give 30 days written notice to the front desk and fill out a cancellation form. If they are a PT client and cancel PT but not Edge Strong the payment will increase to $79. To freeze, they must give advanced notice, but this does not require 30 days. Fill out a change form.

Instructor Pay

  • $40 per 60-minutes. Session grandfathered in, all new is $TBD from 9/1/14
  • The instructor is required to stay for 10 minutes for any last-minute shows.
  • If no one shows up after 10 minutes they need to work the floor to promote the membership and grab people off the floor to do the workout with them and get them to sign up. If they leave they don’t get paid. PROSPECT.
  • There is no bonus structure dependent on the number of attendees in class.
  • Each instructor will need to sign the policies and procedures form.
  • Instructors have to wear their Edge uniform.
  • If an instructor needs a sub for their session they should email Michelle Tiani; Director of Group Exclusives to post for an instructor. Please give enough notice.