6.14 – Group X

The General Manager is responsible for resetting the kiosk at opening and late afternoons. He/she must make sure all kiosks are up and operating. Kiosks with printers need to be full. All kiosk issues should be reported to groupxoperations@theedgefitnessclubs.com.

Microphone and stereo issues need to be reported in Datatrak groupxoperations@theedgefitnessclubs.com

Group Exercise Policy and Procedure

As a group exercise instructor for The Edge Fitness Clubs, the fitness instructor leads one of the most prestigious and respected programs in the state of Connecticut. Instructors meet hundreds of members, all with different needs and expectations. They have the opportunity to make our program a truly valuable experience for both the member and themselves.

Compensation is paid every two weeks in arrears. Paychecks are distributed on alternate Thursdays for the two-week period ending the preceding Thursday.

Once a Group X Instructor owns a class for 30 days, the company offers a FREE membership. To activate this membership, please contact our human resources department at 203-319-1964 ext 11.

There are many expectations as a Group Exercise Instructor. The following are just a few of our basic expectations:

  • Always be on time, arriving at least 15 minutes prior to class start time.
  • Always arrive with a smile and be enthusiastic.
  • Always be in appropriate workout attire.
  • Always introduce yourself and greet each member with a smile.
  • Have fun and enjoy your job.
  • Always make sure the Group Exercise Studio is neat and clean when you leave. All equipment should be returned to its rightful place.
  • Never show a negative attitude to a member.

General Information

  • Accident Report: An accident report must be completed any time a participant is hurt or injured in your class. A copy can be found at the front desk.
  • Attendance: Class attendance is counted by the kiosks. Every participant must either swipe in their membership card or enter their telephone number. It is the instructor’s responsibility to monitor the kiosk and make sure every participant is accounted for.
  • Kiosk: We rely on these numbers to make important decisions regarding the Group Exercise Schedule.  
  • Class Assignments: When assigning a class to an instructor, we take the following into consideration:
    • Feedback from members – good/bad?
    • Are they a good employee? Do they follow Policy and Procedure?
    • If they already own a class, how often do they sub out their class?
    • How long they have been at the Edge?
    • Follow kiosk and attendance procedures?
    • Type and style are often taken into consideration to make sure they complement timeslot.
  • Music:  Appropriate music; no foul language or inappropriate material.  iPods/Auxillary Chords. Some locations still have CD players and pitch control.
  • Performance Reviews. All Group Exercise Instructors are constantly being reviewed by our members. If any feedback is received, positive or negative, it will be given to the instructor. We also have an Evaluation Team that are taking classes and giving written reports. Although we do not have Individual Performance Reviews for our Group Exercise Staff, we do have an open door policy. At any time, you can request an individual sit down to discuss performance.
  • Uniforms:   All instructors must be in appropriate workout attire.
  • Illness: See Sub Policy
  • Vacation Time: See Sub Policy

Group Exercise Schedules

The Edge Group Exercise Schedules include the following:

  • EDGE Flex
  • Pilates Mat
  • Pilates Plus
  • Yoga
  • Spinning X
  • Total Body Ride
  • Step
  • Power Fusion
  • Kickboxing
  • Body Pump
  • Spinning
  • Spin Power
  • Equipment
  • Dumbbells 1lbs – 15lbs.
  • Body Bars
  • Barbells and Plates
  • Steps and Risers
  • Mats
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Large Stability Balls
  • Small Stability Balls
  • Edge Interval
  • Zumba

Instructors may bring their own tubing into class.

How to Log In

The following must be completed after the class has ended:

  • Log onto Datatrak.
    1. Username = your first initial and your last name, followed by an “x” for example Joe Smith = jsmithx
    2. First time password = password1
    3. You will then be taken to a screen to create your own private password.
    4. If there are login issues, ask a club staff member to log you in.
    5. Email Jennifer to reset your password.
  • Open the calendar by:
    1. Clicking on MENU
    2. Under the header SCHEDULE click on CALENDAR
  • Click on LOCATION VIEW located directly under MENU
    1. At bottom of screen, click on SEARCH
    2. This will bring up a box
  • Bring up the daily class schedule by:
    1. Change the LOCATION TYPE drop down menu to GROUP X
    2. Click OK
  • Open your class by double clicking it.

Teaching Commitment Policy

The following states the policy for instructors who fail to show for their teaching commitments, without a valid reason. This includes regular and substitution class commitments.

  • Strike 1 – First missed class: Instructor is put on warning and the missed class is documented. Instructor must contact the club’s General Manager to verbally take responsibility for their error.
  • Strike 2 – Second missed class: Instructor loses all opportunities to pick up additional classes. All subbing privileges are revoked till otherwise notified.
  • Strike 3 – Third missed class: Instructor is terminated from The Edge Fitness Clubs.

Group X Policies for Members

We have a copy of the following policy posted next to the kiosk outside the Group X room.

  • All participants must swipe into the kiosk
  • Do not enter a class 5 minutes past scheduled start time
  • Late arrivals will have forfeited their spot
  • Use of cell phones and personal music players like iPods are not permitted
    • Cell phones must be off or on vibrate
    • No texting in class
    • Members will be asked to leave class if these rules are not followed
  • Do not talk or project other vocal disruptions during class
  • Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes in the studio
  • New participants should arrive early for assistance
  • Members must provide their own yoga mat
  • Cycling, Zumba, and various other classes may require online reservation.
    • Refer to website for reservation
    • If you can only attend half the class, you cannot reserve a spot
  • Saving bikes or spots in class is not permitted
  • To take two classes in a row:
    • Exit room
    • Stand in line
    • Re-swipe kiosk 

Group Exercise – Inclement Weather Policy

The Director of Group Exercise will announce the decision to cancel Group X classes after consulting with General Managers and Management Team. Factors taken into consideration: weather, road conditions, club opening, parking lot conditions and club traffic.

All Group X Instructors will receive an email prior to storm preparing them for possible cancellation or delay. In the meantime, instructors should assume classes are running. If questioning ability to travel to the club, then instructor should post for a sub ASAP and not wait until last minute.

Decisions will be made on the following timeline:

  • Early AM, 5am – 7:30 am classes – announcement by 9 pm day before
  • AM classes, 8:00 am – 12:30 pm classes – announcement made day of by 7am
  • PM classes, 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm classes – announcement made day of by 2:30 pm

Instructors and Clubs will be notified by email once announcement is made. Announcement will also be noted in our blog on the website.

If classes are not cancelled and the instructor is still unable to fulfill commitment, they will be responsible for finding a sub. If the instructor can’t find a sub and is going to cancel class due to the inclement weather, they are to notify the club directly by speaking with the General Manager.


Greenwich          (203) 637-3906

Fairfield                 (203) 255-2582

Milford                   (203) 874-3343

Norwalk                 (203) 849-0166

Stratford               (203) 378-4242

Shelton                   (203) 929-2582

Derby                      (203) 734-2582

Hamden                (203) 248-2582

Trumbull               (203) 880-5525

Meriden                (203) 235-0150

Communicate any decision to cancel with as much notice as possible. A minimum of 60-90 minutes prior to the start of class, if possible. If the instructor is able to travel and will hold class, no phone calls are required. However, it is in their best interest to call the club to let them know you are coming in case they are considering cancelling. Please also be aware that the childcare may not be open. Each instructor will need to verify that with the club.

Any instructor who decides to cancel class should also follow up with an e-mail to Jennifer Justo at jjusto@theedgefitnessclubs.com ASAP so the website can properly reflect the cancellation.

Cancellations are not taken lightly and the choice to cancel class should be considered only when the weather is truly hazardous for travel. If there is an extreme situation, such as living far from club, having a particularly treacherous driveway, etc., the instructor should attempt to get sub coverage.

Sub Policies and Procedures

  • When an instructor is in need of a sub, they may put a request in by e-mail to Jennifer at: jjusto@theedgefitnessclubs.com. This request will be posted and e-mailed out to all instructors. Instructors willing to sub will contact you directly.
  • Once the instructor has secured a sub, both parties are required to confirm with Jennifer.
  • The regular instructor is required to communicate a reminder to their sub(s) a few days prior to the sub date.
  • Although last minute situations do occur, sub request should be planned with ample notice whenever possible. Last minute sub requests, same or next day, require a phone call to Jennifer 914-844-1072. Please do not assume your e-mail will be received in a timely enough manner. In extreme situations Jennifer will take responsibility of securing your sub.
  • The postings are sent out on a bi-weekly basis. If the request should come in too late for the posting and cannot wait for the next posting, then phone numbers will be provided to you.
  • The substitution is then logged and sent off in a report to management.
  • Instructors are expected to manage and follow through will all sub requests for their classes.
  • If the posting does not get a response, instructors are required to notify Jennifer one-week prior and request a list of phone numbers. Instructors are expected to call the list until a sub is secured. If need be, the class format may be opened up to change and an additional list of phone numbers may be provided. Classes are only cancelled when every option has truly been exhausted.
  • Instructors who are interested in subbing for a class that is posted, contact the person listed, which is usually the regular class instructor. Once confirmed, the instructor is required to confirm with Jennifer prior to the sub date. If they do not confirm, the substitution is not valid.
  • If the instructor has committed to subbing and fail to show, they will be penalized. Management reserves the right to suspend teaching privileges and consider this when staffing permanent spots. No shows without a valid reason will not be tolerated.
  • If ever the situation should arise where two subs arrive to teach a class, the instructor, which was confirmed with Jennifer and logged into the sub report, is the only one eligible for pay. Routinely confirming will prevent these errors.
  • If instructor agreed to sub and has under gone the confirmation process, he/she has taken on full responsibility for that class.
  • Should the regular instructor’s plans change and they no longer need a sub, the preference is to have the regular instructor teach the class. This is provided that there is ample time to notify the scheduled sub. In situations where the change is last minute or the sub has gone to great lengths to arrange availability to sub the class, then the sub reserves the right to teach the class as planned. If the two parties (regular and sub instructors) are not able to agree easily, then Jennifer should be notified to resolve the situation. Any changes to sub arrangements need to be reported to Jennifer.

Important Contact Information


Karen K. Ryan
Director of Group Exercise
Instructor Communication: kryan@theedgefitnessclubs.com

Member Communication: groupx@theedgefitnessclubs.com

(203) 414-7448


Jennifer Justo
Assistant Director of Group Exercise
(914) 844-1072


The Edge of Derby (203) 734-2582

The Edge of Hamden (203) 248-2582

The Edge of Shelton (203) 929-2582

The Edge of Milford (203) 874-3343

The Edge of Stratford (203) 378-4242

The Edge of Fairfield (203) 334-5505

The Edge of Norwalk (203) 849-0166

The Edge of Greenwich (203) 637-3906

The Edge of Trumbull (203) 880-5525

The Edge of Meriden (203) 235-0150


Dena Ferguson
Payroll & Benefits Manager
(203) 319-1964 ext. 11


Shannon Engel
Human Resources Manager
(203) 319-1964

Employment Verification

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) makes it unlawful for Fitness Edge, LLC to knowingly hire or recruit any alien not eligible for employment in the United States, or to fail to comply with IRCA’s employment verification system.

Therefore, we require newly hired Employees to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (also known as Form I-9) and to submit a document or documents establishing both authorization for employment and identification.


Fitness Edge, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, physical disability or on any other basis prohibited by law.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

Fitness Edge, LLC opposes drug abuse. We heartily support the strong stance against drug abuse taken by Congress in enacting the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988 and by the State of Connecticut in enacting the drug testing laws. Accordingly, we have adopted the following policy as a condition of employment at Fitness Edge, LLC:




In addition:


We recognize that federal and state laws consider drug and alcohol dependency to be disabilities. Our group insurance program provides benefits for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. If you believe you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs and are in need of such rehabilitation programs or other assistance, please take the initiative to ask us for help. You will not be subject to disciplinary action for seeking such help or applying for benefits under our group insurance program. If, however, you do not voluntarily seek help and you are caught violating our drug or alcohol abuse policy, we reserve the right to discipline you, up to and including possible discharge from employment, even for the first offense, regardless of whether you thereafter seek help or successfully complete a rehabilitation program, to the extent we are permitted to do so under the law.

No-Solicitation Rule

As a busy fitness facility in which members are present practically every minute of the day, Fitness Edge, LLC maintains a high level of professional decorum. Accordingly, Fitness Edge, LLC prohibits solicitation and distribution of literature on its premises as described below.

As an Employee of Fitness Edge, LLC, you are not permitted to do the following:

  • Solicit other Employees during working time (your working time or the working time of the Employee or Employees you are soliciting);
  • Distribute literature of any kind anywhere on Fitness Edge, LLC’s property during working time and personal time (your working time or the working time of the Employee to whom you may be distributing literature);
  • Distribute literature of any kind in working areas or member areas at any time.

Non-employees are prohibited from soliciting and/or distributing literature anywhere on our premises at any time. They not permitted to solicit our vendors, our members, or our employees at any time.

Group X Employee and Family/Friend Membership Guidelines

In order for a Group X Instructor to be eligible for a free Employee Membership, the instructor must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The Group X Instructor must “own” one Edge class

In order for a Group X Instructor to be eligible for a free Family/Friend Membership, the instructor must fulfill the follow criteria:

  • The Group X Instructor must “own” two classes
  • The Group X Instructor must be exclusive with The Edge
  • Substitute Instructors are not eligible for free memberships

Transportation and Parking

We ask you to drive with caution in our lot, to park in an orderly manner and to respect other vehicles. Please do not leave your valuables in your car, as we do not provide formal security. You are responsible for any damage to or loss of your vehicle or its contents caused by acts of vandalism or theft while parked on our property.

An Employee required by his/her Manager to use his/her automobile for office-related business will be reimbursed for such use at the approved IRS rate for mileage.


Fitness Edge, LLC encourages a smoke-free work environment. Therefore, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or on the premises.


We are all responsible for performing our work in a safe manner. Safety rules apply to everyone. You are expected to follow all safety rules, recommendations and directions to protect your well-being, the well-being of our members and your fellow employees.

As we want to maintain a safe work environment, we want employees to notify their Manager if they feel an unsafe condition exists. With the help of everyone, we can reduce the risk of injuries to employees and our members, and avoid damage to property and equipment.

Violation of safety rules is a serious matter and will be dealt with accordingly.

Termination of Employment

Fitness Edge, LLC is an employment at will company. This means you can terminate your employment at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without notice. Fitness Edge, LLC retains the same right.

Resignation and retirement are two of the ways you can terminate your employment voluntarily. Under normal circumstances, you should give the Club Manager at least two week’s written notice in advance of your resignation so that your final pay and other termination materials can be processed in due course.   Under normal circumstances, unless you are terminated at the initiative of Fitness Edge, LLC for misconduct or performance reasons, Fitness Edge, LLC will provide you with two weeks’ notice of termination.

Fitness Edge, LLC may terminate your employment because of a lack of work, elimination of your position, unsatisfactory performance, conduct, attendance, punctuality or for any other reason not expressly prohibited by law, or for no reason.

Before your employment is terminated under any circumstances – voluntarily or involuntarily – you must report to the Club Manager for a termination interview. The interview will enable you to arrange for your final pay, turn in Fitness Edge, LLC property in your possession (e.g. keys, written materials), provide us with sufficient information to forward you insurance forms and payments and other documents that may be of importance to you, and to arrange to pick up your personal belongings.

On termination, your final pay will be issued to you no later than the next regular payday following your termination date, in accordance with legal requirements. You final pay will be reduced by any payments we made to you in the way of advancements.