6.4 – Supplements (dotFIT)

One hundred percent of clients should have a dotFIT PLAY account created. Run the Edge Trainer Commissions & Client Hours report to see the names of people who have been trained and compare that with the number of people entered into dotFIT.

New Clients

After the Fitness Appointment and before the first paid appointment:

  1. Each day check the “New Client Par-Q” binder for the completed Par-Q’s for any client that has purchased training the day before.
  2. Using the information on the Par-Q, create a dotFIT account for the client.
    Information entered:

    • Username (The client’s email address)
    • Password – use “password123” for their initial password – they can change the password when they log into their account
    • Email address – confirm email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Male/Female
    1. Create a client folder for the new client.  Contents must include:
    • Par-Q
    • dotFIT coaching outline (copies in club)
    • Workout card

During the First Paid Appointment:

  1. Create the client’s program with the client.
  2. Homework assignments:
    • Log food!
    • Enter their top 10 most frequently eaten foods into the custom food database
    • Workout and use today’s workout as your guide.  Make a copy and hand to them or keep in file and show them where to get this.
    • Attend at least one Edge Strong Team Training class

Between the first and second paid appointment:

  1. Create a menu for the client – customize as necessary

At the second paid appointment:

  1. During your pre-meeting with your manager, print the client’s menu and supplement recommendation page(s)
  2. Discuss the menu and supplement recommendation during the workout

At the conclusion of the second paid appointment:

  1. Complete the supplement hand-off with the member to one of the managers or front desk staff designated to take supplement hand-offs.  Walk the client to the supplement display, hand them the products you recommend.  Complete the hand-off by explaining to the manager your recommendations.
  2. Hand member their menu.
  3. During the following appointments utilize the coaching outline to reinforce the four pillars of fitness and keep your clients moving forward!

Existing Clients

  1. Create client account.
  2. Create program with the client.
  3. The initial supplement hand-off for an EXISTING client happens on the NEXT appointment they have in the schedule:
    • “John, we have a brand new nutrition and exercise tracking program called dotFIT.  This program will be a great tool for you to track calories in and calories out.  This is all free! Let’s just take 5 minutes to create this.  I also want to see based on your body statistics, health history, and goals, what the program will recommend for you for supplementation.  At the end of our appointment I will show you what we recommend.”
  4. The trainer should then train the client and bring them over to the display at the end of the appointment to put the supplements in their hand and hand off to the manager.


  • Trainers-sell $250 in supplements to receive success or value added bonus.
  • $400-$749 in sales-trainer receives 5% supplement commission
  • $750-$1499 in sales-trainer receives 7% supplement commission
  • $1500+ in sales-trainer receives 10% supplement commission
  • $3000+ in sales-trainer receives 15% supplement commission


The dotFIT Supplement Reference Guide provides very detailed information about the supplements we use at The Edge.

The dotFIT supplements are divided into three groups:

  • Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Performance

The dotFIT software provides each client with a personalized supplement recommendation based upon their goal and the information they enter into the health history questionnaires. This recommendation is discussed with each client during their second paid session with the trainer.


$250-$499:  $25 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$500-$749:  $50 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$750-$999:  $75 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$1000-$1499:  $100 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$1500-$1999:  $150 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$2000-$2999:  $200 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.
$3000+:  $300 dotfit coupon redeemable on Dotfit site.

Monthly Bonus Structure

Success Bonus is 1% of all monies generated by realized appointments and package sales between the success goal, by level, and the value added goal.

Value Added Bonus = 2% of all monies generated by realized appointments and package sales, by level, over the value added goal.

Award of the monthly bonus is dependent upon the personal trainer also meeting their minimum, monthly supplement goal.

Level                                                            Success Goal                        Value Added Goal

1                                                                     $7,650.00                              $8,700.00

2                                                                     $7,650.00                              $8,700.00

3                                                                     $8,200.00                              $9,200.00