6.6 – Edge Cinema

Follow this process for DVDs in the Cinema:

  1. Select proper DVD for the day from the DVD bins
  2. In Cardio Cinema area, open the DVD closet door and turn on the light about the equipment
  3. Turn on the power for the DVD player and amp
  4. Open DVD tray, take out yesterday’s DVD and return to correct holder
  5. Insert new DVD into player; ensure it is the Blu Ray version
  6. Close DVD disc door
  7. Using remote, press Pop Up Menu and select play movie
  8. Once the movie begins, press repeat button twice
  9. Turn volume to 58-61 for action movies and 65-68 for dialog movies
  10. Put today’s DVD case on top of the equipment and the remote next to it
  11. Place yesterday’s DVD in proper bin
  12. Check off today’s DVD from the list on the wall