8.2.1 – Order Retail Merchandise

Ordering the right amount of inventory and in a timely manner is important to ensure the success of the Shake Bar. Running out of supplies results in lost sales and revenue. It is very important that the recipe cards for shakes are followed to ensure a good profit margin, and that we are charging for the extras in shakes. Equally important is making sure our products are locked up to prevent theft.


Vendor Contact Phone Email
Shake This Kerrie Ward 866-224-8265 ext. 10 kerrie@shakethis.com
Performance Food Group Mike Roth 203-209-3269 michael.roth@pfgc.com
Snapple Brian Oren southshoressnapple@gmail.com
Pepsi Robert Miller 203.551.3909


Lonestar Distribution Brendan Schenck 516.307.1290 brendan@lonestardistribution.com
New York Barbell (NYB) Jay Colby jaycolby21@gmail.com

Order Forms

Use the following order forms when you need to order inventory:

Fitness NYB Gym Order Form

Order Form Shake This

Performance Food Group Order

Shake This Order Options for Juice Bar

You can place your order by using the following options:

Performance Food Group Order Options for Shake Bar

You can place your order by using the following options:

 WB Mason Login

The log-in and password you use to order supplies is: