8.3.4 – Maintenance Procedures for Exercise Equipment

There are procedures in place for the maintenance of our exercise equipment. IssueTrak is the system used to create tickets when a maintenance issue occurs.

GM Login

  • Log in by entering issuetrak.com.
  • The ID is always first part of your edge email
  • PW is your choice, administrator can update or change at anytime
  • You can access from any computer- IssueTrak system is web-based.
  • We have a mobile version and you can also access full web page from your mobile browser

Overview of GM Access and Role

You will also have issues assigned to you that can be accessed on the My Issues screen. Issues assigned to you are under Next Action. GMS should be using IssueTrak for the following:

  • ABC Problems
  • Incident/Accident Reports
  • Marketing material requests
  • Terminating trainers-VERY IMPORTANT
  • Terminating ANY employee
  • Bios (reprints, updates, DVDs)
  • Clean Team issues
  • Tech/IT issues
  • Maintenance requests
  • All business cards (reprints, updates, and new)
  • Value Added/GD goals


Front Desk Staff/Other Staff Login and Role

Each club has its own generic log in and password so that any staff can log in and make a request at any time. Their access is more limited, but can submit marketing, maintenance, equipment, Group X, and any general requests. This log in information should be posted at the front desk.

Using the Dashboard

The dashboard is color coded by issuetype. You can set up by assignee, issuetype, subtype, or priority-based on your preferences. The Administrator can set this up with you. The Dashboard is where you can see all OPEN issues currently in your club.

Overseeing Issues

It is your responsibility to oversee all issues in your location. Do not let issues remain open without updates or notes. You have access to edit note or close issues in your location. When an issue is open and not addressed, reach out to responsible party for update (you can do this with a note on the issue as well). You can also view issues that you submitted or that were submitted on your behalf on the My Issues screen.

Issue Types/Subtypes

  • Issue types can be found in the quick pick drop down menu or directly under Issuetype drop down. Quick pick is preferred for automated settings.
  • The issue types you should be accessing most are found above in your responsibilities
  • We want GM input! If there is something you feel we can use IssueTrak for, please contact administrator.
  • Within Issue types, you may find several subtypes. Please be as specific as possible when submitting, so that the responsible parties know exactly how to handle the issue.

IssueTrak Structure Breakdown (clubs, groups, departments, etc.)

  • The system uses intricate settings, limiting access to certain people, groups or departments
  • Any issue that is submitted is overseen by the appropriate party. For example, Paul can see ALL marketing issues. Dane can see ALL technical and maintenance issues. Greg can see ALL trainer related issues. Owners/higher management has access to ALL issuetypes in ALL clubs.

Submitting Issues

To submit an issue:

  • Click Submit Issue on the left gray menu
  • Quick Picks are automated forms that contain proper forms, assignments, and oversight of each issuetype/subtypesubmitissues


General Forms

  • Choose All Other Issues from the Quick Pick menu for a generic form to submit an issue that does not have an issuetype or quick pick.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to select the Location, and next action, and type in detailed description of issue.


Next Action/Reassigning

  • The Next Action field is what designates WHO will have responsibility for a particular issue.
  • If something is wrongly assigned to you, you can reassign it yourself by going clicking Next Action or Edit in the left gray column while the issue is open and manipulate the Next Action fieldnextaction
  • This can easily be chosen by typing in the FIRST letter of first or last name of the appropriate person in the field, or by doing a search by
  • Depending upon what quick pick you choose, the next action is already automatically assigned for you. For example: Marketing-Bios (reprints) is next actioned to Terri Walker, and Building Maintenance is next actioned to John Gonzalez.

Setting Priority

  • Some issues give you the option to set the importance of LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH.
  • You can choose to see issues separated by priority on your dashboard to be able to track more important/time sensitive issues easier


 Updating Issues/New Notes on Issues

  • It is important to stay on top of issues in your location so everyone knows where an issue stands
  • You can let everyone know where an issue stands by adding a note, or changing the Issue Status

Adding a Note


 Updating Status


 Closing Issues

It is made clear to all parties involved that an issue has been taken care of once the issue is closed.

  • To close an issue you have, click on Close (at the top or bottom of the current issue)
  • This brings the issue into Closing/Editing Mode
  • The issue is not closed until you select Close Issue in the edit mode
  • Close out any open issues that have been taken care of, even if it was someone else’s responsibility.



Running Reports/Searching Issues

The only way to view a closed issue is by doing a search. Closed issues are NOT available on the dashboard.

  • Click search issues on the left gray menu
  • Searching under the appropriate information to narrow your search
  • You can write notes on issues that have already been closed as a follow up
  • Searches can be exported to an excel file. You have the option of choosing detailed or brief


 Search Results


 Knowledge Base ArticlesKBarticles

  • Operates as a SharePoint where anyone on IssueTrak has access to the same articles.
  • Currently, the WIFI access PWs are uploaded
  • More articles will be uploaded in the coming months
  • To access, click on Knowledge Base in the left gray menu

Important things to remember

  • In the coming months, more Issue Types will be added and more will be expected to be put through IssueTrak.
  • Anything with a Scan tag needs to be put through Club Vitals not IssueTrak. If anything with scan tag is put through IssueTrak, your requests will be ignored.
  • If you send an email request for something that should be put through IssueTrak, your request could be ignored.
  • All Value added/Monthly Goals are to be put through IssueTrak going forward. This issue is automatically assigned to you through IssueTrak each month. You are to put the detail in the notes and CHANGE the Next Action to Dena.
  • If you ever have problems logging in or not working properly, always reach out to the administrator.
  • Reach out to administrator if you feel you need more training on IssueTrak.
  • We have added Quick Links to the gray menu on the side for your convenience easily navigate in new browser our edge email, shift planning, and club vitals


The following detail assignments in IssueTrak:

  • ABC Tech Support when there is a problem regarding our Datatrak software or hardware
  • Assigned to Vice President of client relations of ABC


  • When there is a problem but no applicable option to submit it:
  • Assigned to IssueTrak administrator

Building Maintenance

  • Assigned to Senior Director of Facilities
  • General
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Building Maintenance
  • TV issues
  • Alarm System
  • Lighting/Electric

Business Cards

  • Assigned to Office Manager
  • New
  • Reorder

Change Position/Location

Change in ADP Payroll and Benefits Manager
Change IssueTrak Settings IssueTrak Administrator
Announcement from HR HR Manager
Change in Datatrak –Submitter—(Submitting employee)
Order Business Cards Office Manager

Clean Team

  • Assigned to Owner of Masico
  • Bathroom
  • Floor Equipment
  • Studio
  • Organizing
  • Staffing Issue

Clean Team Edge Kids

  • Assigned to Owner of Masico

Craft List

  • Edge Kids Supervisors submit the supplies they need for the Edge Kids room
  • Assigned to Edge Kids Supervisor

Edge Email — when an employee needs to be added or changed in our outlook email system

  • Assigned to Office Manager
  • New
  • Name Change

Edge Strong

  • Assigned to Edge Strong Director
  • Schedules
  • Equipment

Employee Accident/Safety Report when an employee is hurt on the job-to be completed by Manager on Duty

  • Assigned to Payroll and Benefits Manager for processing


  • Assigned to Director of Equipment
  • Balls
  • Dumbbell racks
  • General
  • Olympic Bar Clips
  • Ropes
  • Spin Bikes
  • TRX
  • Upholstery
  • Wire Management

Group X Feedback

  • Assigned to Group X Director
  • Instructor feedback
  • Member feedback

Hire New Trainer

  • Assigned to IssueTrak Coordinator
  • Tasks involved:
Background Check Payroll and Benefits Manager
Offer Letter and Acceptance Director of Personal Training Education
New Employee Welcome Email Sent Director of Personal Training Education
edge email created Office Manager
Schedule into Datatrak Director of Personal Training Education
Complete Employee Paperwork Payroll and Benefits Manager
Order Business Cards Office Manager
Bio Picture Photographer
Create and Print Bio Marketing Assistant
Add Bio to Website Marketing Assistant
Meet With Aileen Assistant Director of Fitness Services
Meet with Greg Director of Personal Training Education
dotFIT Education and employee login Director of Personal Training Education
verify dotFIT certification Director of Personal Training Education
Supplement Education Director of Personal Training Education
Meet with Training Director Director of Personal Training Education
add trainer picture to Datatrak Marketing Assistant
add trainer to APP Marketing Assistant
Add to google spreadsheet Marketing Assistant
  • Group X Studio
    • Assigned to Group X Director
    • Temperature
    • Floor
    • Stereo
    • Microphone
    • Fan
  • IT Support:
    • Assigned to Business Technologies
    • Internet connection issue
    • Computer Issue
    • Other Tech Issue
  • Edge Kids Request — supervisors submit requests for Edge Kids room
    • Assigned to Edge Kids Director
    • General
    • New Equipment
    • Broken equipment
    • Club general manager
    • Member problem
    • Uniform request
    • Video games
  • Maintenance Edge Kids — building issues within the Edge Kids room
    • Assigned to Senior Director of Facilities
  • Marketing Request
    • Assigned to Marketing Director
    • Branding
    • General marketing request
  • Marketing-Bios
    • Assigned to Marketing assistant
    • New
    • Reprints
    • Bio update
  • Member Accident/Safety Report –when a member is physically hurt in our clubs
    • To be filled out by Manager on Duty only
    • Assigned to Payroll and Benefits for proper processing
  • Package Delivery
    • To avoid packages cluttering locations and to avoid important deliveries from being lost
    • Submitter must choose appropriate party for assignment
  • PHONE problem
    • Assigned to IssueTrak Administrator
    • Maintenance
    • General
  • Tech Support Edge Kids
    • Assigned to Business Technologies
  • Pilates Studio:
    • Assigned to Pilates Director
    • Barrels and props
    • Cadillac
    • Reformer
    • Chair
    • Clean Team
    • Instructor Issue
    • General
  • Submit Hours/Mileage
    • Employees who manually submit hours and/or mileage for reimbursement)
    • Assigned to Payroll and Benefits manager
  • Tanning Bulbs
    • Equipment tech uses this issue to track when they replaced tanning bulbs in each location
    • Assigned to Chris Perkins
  • Terminate Employee
    • Only GMs and Corporate staff have access to this issue
    • Tasks involved:
Delete Edge Email Office Manager
Deactivate in Datatrak Office Manager
Term in Payroll Payroll and Benefits Manager
Send Cobra Paperwork Payroll and Benefits Manager
Delete employee membership –Submitter—(Submitting Manager)
Delete Complimentary Membership Payroll and Benefits Manager
Delete from Career Plug Office Manager
  • Terminate Trainer (Only FMs, GMs and Corporate staff have access to this issue) Tasks involved:
Delete Edge email Office Manager
Remove Bio from Website Marketing Assistant
Remove Bio from AP Marketing Assistant
Remove bio from file on Google Drive Marketing Assistant
Terminate in ADP Payroll and Benefits Manager
Remove from Bio DVD Marketing Assistant
Deactivate/Clear schedule in Datatrak –Submitter—(submitting Manager)
Cancel Employee membership –Submitter—(submitting Manager)
Delete Complimentary Membership Payroll and Benefits Manager