8.3.5 – Maintenance Procedures for Other Equipment

We use a system called Club Vitals for tracking and monitoring our machines. This system helps us ensure we are maintaining the equipment properly and also allows a seamless reporting mechanism for ensuring faulty equipment is repaired quickly. Each piece of equipment has a sticker on it with a barcode and a number, these stickers allow us to identify the equipment within the club. To report a problem, the sticker can be scanned with a smartphone and the problem can be explained. The system then notifies our equipment technicians via email.

Ideally, both club members as well as the facility team are taking the time to report any problems. It is important to note that any piece of equipment that has a sticker needs to be reported through the Club Vitals system, not through IssueTrak.

GM and Front Desk Log In

The very first time you log in, it will ask for your gym ID which is your club number. They are as follows:

  • Fairfield 1205
  • Shelton 1211
  • Trumbull 1306
  • Norwalk 1206
  • Stratford 1279
  • Milford 1280
  • Greenwich 1250
  • Hamden 1251
  • Derby 1270
  • Meriden 1208

You access Club Vitals via the website or through the quick link in IssueTrak.

  • clubvitals.com
  • ID: GM and Password: GM1
  • This is a generic password for every club and that is posted along with the IssueTrak log in information at each front desk
  • If you continue using the same browser or keep it open, it will default to your location

Submitting Tickets for Machines

  • You can submit tickets manually through the website
  • You can submit tickets by Scanning the machine
  • Use RED LASER app (FREE)
  • MEMBERS can scan equipment-please encourage this

Overseeing Tickets

Access and oversee any open issues in your location. You do not need to reach out to the equipment technicians for updates on the repair status. Any reasons for delay are in the Notes of the ticket.

  • Simply click on any ticket for update
  • If you feel as if you need to reach out to technicians about a machine, add a note to the current ticket


Creating a New Ticket

When a member complains about a broken machine, make sure you get the machine number. If they don’t have it, have them show you which machine.

  • Click on New Ticket (green) right top corner of home page



  • Type in the machine number click Search
  • For anything that doesn’t have a scan tag, it should be entered into IssueTrak
  • Please be as SPECIFIC as possible when making notes for the technicians
  • Technicians will automatically receive a ticket email notification

Viewing Closed Tickets

  • If you are having issues with a machine that was already fixed, open a new ticket-with specific notes
  • You can also view all closed tickets if you need to review or confirm a repair



Important Things to Remember

  • It is very important that machines are ticketed right away. This needs to be a priority to keep our machines running and our members happy.
  • Anything with a scan tag goes into Club Vitals. Anything with no scan tag goes into IssueTrak.
  • All scan tag items have warranty information, serial numbers and manufacturer attached to it in Club Vitals, this ensures efficiency for the technicians in initiating repairs.
  • Do not wait until a technician arrives to discuss a problem, it is more efficient if they have access to problems before they arrive.