9.1.4 – Billing Clerk / Opener

Billing Clerk/Opener

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Count cash/check for daily deposit for a clubs
  • Drop deposits off at the bank
  • Break down daily paperwork
  • Process all change forms via Datatrak, ABC Financial
  • Daily updates of Pinzer spreadsheets
  • Responsible for overseeing all new and old recurring services
  • Respond to credit card disputes
  • Ensure all paperwork is mailed off daily to ABC Financial
  • Audit all unfunded sessions and report to General Manager
  • Order office supplies
  • Assist with payroll
  • Create binders for trainers re-occurring clients
  • File of time clocks
  • Responsible for petty cash
  • Responsible for cancellation of re-occurring services/ making sure they are billed according to their last contract date
  • Make sure all recurring billing is scheduled out for two years
  • Handle collection accounts
  • Pick up checks and mail at corporate office
  • Responsible for correcting all error entries in Datatrak, i.e., editing commissions and personal training sales and wrong profit center entries
  • Set/edit monthly goals for all clubs on Pinzer sheets
  • Send daily emails with updated Pinzer sheets