9.1.8 – Membership Advisor

As a Membership Advisor, your main responsibility is to generate membership sales. Each club has a daily, monthly and annual membership goal that you are largely responsible for. In addition to the club goal, you will also have a personal membership goal set each month by your sales director. By following our systems, the goals we set are very attainable. To hold this position, you need to be highly motivated, driven, self-sufficient, friendly, confident, creative, and have a great sense of integrity. We expect you to be positive, high moral and to have fun! You will be given all the necessary tools and training needed to succeed. New member sales are critical to the success of our company, so we look for those with the drive and ambition to work hard and achieve results. This is a performance position, for the more memberships you sell, the more money you will make.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Attain personal and team membership goal by executing all areas of the Edge sales process creating the urgency to join
  • Generate dollars by collecting the maximum amount of revenues based on current club promotions
  • Making the phone call to successfully book 5 appointment per day, leading to at least 2 showed appointments per day
  • Responding quickly to web leads
  • Turning incoming phone calls to appointments in clubs and
  • Calling member referrals that are generated from each new membership.
  • Following up with missed guests
  • Mastering the tour to close at least 70% of new members, ensuring 70% of new members booked into the initial fitness assessment and obtain at least 3 VIP guests
  • Performs daily outreach to generate off-site leads, appointments and memberships
  • Nominate local corporations as our “company of the month” whereas we offer that company a discounted membership


  • Builds excitement and value with the potential new member to ensure their first impression of the club is a good one, therefore guaranteeing they will join
  • Creates enough value on the tour, therefore ensuring the new member will enroll in their initial fitness appointment
  • Become skilled at creating rapport and building relationships with potential new members, guaranteeing they will provide you with referrals
  • Mastering the price presentation ensuring that 25% of new members will join for 24 months
  • Become proficient at education the new member of the benefit of signing up with EFT as opposed to credit cards
  • Mastering the telephone inquire script and transfers enthusiasm on the phone calls to drive the prospect to our club

Follow-up & Organization:

  • Promptly respond to prospect and member inquiries.
  • Organize prospects & all new members in our CRM system ensuring proper and timely follow up via phone, text or email
  • Ensure that you are making the correct amount of phone calls that will lead to five appointments per day
  • Touching base with current members to check in, ask for more referrals and ensuring they took advantage of the initial fitness appointment

Continuing Education:

  • Actively participate in daily production meetings with sales manager and team
  • Attend biweekly/monthly sales meetings with VP of Sales and Regional Sales Managers
  • Study and listen to the latest and greatest sales CDs and DVDs to constantly improve sales acumen, ability to overcome objections and closing the sale

Education & Experience:

  • A University degree is preferred
  • Sales experience a plus
  • Enthusiasm is a must, we will teach the skills needed to succeed

Work Environment:

  • We ask that you “walk the walk and talk the talk” by working out! You will be given the opportunity to work with one of our certified personal trainers weekly!
  • This position requires that you work within the clubs and you may go out to the community for outreach
  • This position may require you to work extra hours on the last day of the month