9.2.1 – Create and Maintain a Schedule

Scheduling employee shifts is critical for the operation as an effective way to manage budget. We use this program and send out schedules weekly. It is also used for vacation and time off.

Create and Maintain Schedule

Accessing Shift Planner and Updating Profiles

  1. Open the Shift Planner:  www.shiftplanning.com
  2. Log in with your username, which is your email
  3. Enter in your password and click Login
  4. Select your specific location once the page launches


  1. Ensure your staff is entered; if not enter them by:
    • Clicking Add Employee
    • Enter in any missing employees with last name, first name, and email address
    • Click Save Employees
  2. Ensure Fitness Consultants have rate wages entered. You can verify and access this in the staff section by:
    • Clicking on the specific employee
    • In the left hand corner, click Edit Details
    • Enter the hourly wage
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and update the employee
  3. Be sure all your staff for your location has the correct title in their profile

Creating a Schedule

  1. When creating a schedule, click on the specific day you would like to schedule an employee for a shift.


  1. Type in the scheduled shift, for example 9am -1pm
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard
  3. If you need to make a change or adjustment simply adjust the time and press Save & Close
  4. If you need to delete a shift, Select Delete and next confirm Delete
  5. Once all the shifts are entered for the week you can Publish the schedule
  6. You can publish the schedule weekly
  7. To copy a schedule that shifts remain the same week to week:
    • Go to the Actions/Settings button and copy shifts and times of employees from the week prior
    • Select either Copy shift times only or Copy shift times and employee assignments depending on what your needs are



  1. Once you published the schedule, it is available on the shift planning website.