9.6.1 – Hiring Process & Procedures

Here at The Edge Fitness Clubs, we believe that hiring qualified individuals to fill our positions contributes to the overall strategic success of our company. Each employee, while employed, is hired to make significant contributions to The Edge. When hiring the most qualified candidates for positions, the following process should be followed:

Open and Approve Requisition

Before hiring new staff, you must complete the Requisition Form and have it approved by the General Manager and the Department Head.

The Department Head submits the completed form to HR so that we may post the position.

Post the Job Opening on CareerPlug

HR posts all regular job openings on our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), CareerPlug. Refer to the CareerPlug Getting Started Guide for instructions.

Once posted, the position will appear on all major job boards, as well as the company’s career page. All interested candidates should be directed to fill out our online application at www.theedgefitnessclubs.com, by clicking on Careers and then on the position they would like to apply for.

If we need to post elsewhere than the major job boards (e.g., Craig’s List, Indeed, etc.) the HR department will be responsible for placing those ads.

Jobs will remain posted until the position is filled. Once the position is filled, the General Manager must notify HR to “close” the requisition and take down the posting.

Conduct Interviews

The hiring manager will then screen each applicant and either invite for an interview or reject. The hiring manager screens all applications and resumes through CareerPlug prior to scheduling phone screens or initial interviews.

The hiring manager and the General Manager conduct phone screenings and interviews using the Targeted Interview Selection Guide. After the team completes the interview process, the results of the interview should be posted on CareerPlug. The hiring manager has the authority to make the hiring decision, and the General Manager should approve. The Manager communicates to HR the intention of proceeding with a hire by clicking the Hire button in CareerPlug.

Candidates who are interviewed but not hired will receive an automated rejection email through CareerPlug.

Before the Interview

  • Review the application materials (or resume).
  • Note any specific areas of the resume that you want clarified.
  • Take the resume & your questions with you to the interview!
  • Review the dimension definitions and key actions.
  • Tailor the questions to the candidate’s experience.
  • Estimate the time needed to cover each section of the Interview Guide: Time Tips (approximate times)
  1. Opening: 2 minutes
  2. Key Background Review: 6 minutes
  3. Planned Behavioral Questions: 6 minutes PER DIMENSION
  4. Close: 10 minutes

During the Interview

The idea behind targeted selection interviewing is to ensure the candidates demonstrate their skills and experience which will qualify them for the role. Targeted selection is identifying a situation that the candidate has been in and the process they have worked through to reach the result. The idea behind the targeted selection is that past behavior will predict future results.

  • Use the 80/20 rule: LISTEN 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time. Being a good listener is an excellent interview skill!
  • Use follow-up questions to build complete STARS and turn false STARS into true Stars. A STAR is:
    • S – (Situation) Describe the Situation that fits the question you have been asked
    • T – (Task) Briefly state what your Task was in relation to the situation
    • A – (Action) State what Actions you took and finally,
    • R – (Result) What Results happened due to your efforts.
  • False STAR: Uses vague statements, gives opinions and uses theoretical or future-oriented statements.

Follow-up Questions to Build Complete STARs

Situation or Task Questions Action Questions Result Questions
“Describe a situation when…” “Exactly what did you do?” “What was the result?”
“Why did you…?” “Describe specifically how you did that.” “How did it work out?”
“What were the circumstances surrounding…?” “What did you do first… second?” “What problems/successes resulted from…?”
“What was the most memorable time when that happened?” “Describe your specific role in the project.” “What feedback have you gotten?”
“Walk me through the steps that you took.”

Follow-up Questions to Turn False STARs into True STARs

  • Can you give me a specific example of when this recently happened?
  • Describe one particular time when…
  • Walk me through the process step-by-step, explaining what your role was.
  • Exactly what part did you play?
  • How about another example of…
  • Compare this situation to one in which you…
  • Can you describe another time when you…

After the Interview

  • Identify complete STARs throughout the Interview Guide. [Link to document: The Edge Fitness Clubs Interview Process for Managers.docx ]
  • Categorize STARs under the appropriate dimensions.
  • Identify each STAR as effective (+) or ineffective (-).
  • Weigh the significance of each STAR by considering its:
    • Similarity: how closely does the situation relate to the target job?
    • Impact: how important was the situation/result?
    • Recency: when did the behavior occur?
    • Rate each dimension, considering the most significant STARs.

Conduct Reference and Background Checks

Once the decision has been made to hire a particular candidate, HR or the hiring manager will conduct reference checks through CareerPlug.

HR sends an offer letter, job description, background check, and non-compete.

HR runs the background check and communicates back to the hiring manager whether the candidate is cleared for hire.

At this point the official on-boarding process begins.

Make the Job Offer

Once the background check and reference checks come back satisfactory, the hiring manager or GM can notify the candidate and confirm the job offer.

Onboarding Process

Once the employee accepts the job offer, he/she will be sent a link through CareerPlug to fill out the required paperwork. The employee also receives a New Hire Checklist that he/she is responsible for completing.

The new employee’s manager or supervisor is responsible for providing the new employee with a department orientation (or sending them to Corporate new employee training).