9.6.8 – Corrective Action

When an employee is struggling to perform to expectations, the Manager may choose to establish a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to correct the employee’s performance. The PIP may or may not take the place of verbal or written disciplinary action and may or may not be used to supplement a verbal or written corrective action, as appropriate.

Click here to access the Performance Improvement Plan Form.

The Manager will review the performance standard(s) under consideration for the PIP meeting and outline in the first section.

  1. The Manager will review the employee’s performance problems relating to the performance standard(s) – what is the employee doing wrong. Be objective and note specific examples.
  2. The Manager will determine what steps the employee needs to take to correct performance problems.
  3. The Manager will review the PIP with the Department Manager and the Human Resources Manager. Any agreed upon recommendations will be incorporated into the Manager’s outline.
  4. The Manager will meet with the employee in a confidential setting and review the performance standard(s), the employee’s related performance problem(s), and outline the corrective actions. The Manager will seek and consider the employee’s input to modify the corrective action statements as appropriate. The Manager and employee will establish reasonable, mutually agreed upon timelines for improved performance on each expectation. This section of the PIP will then be completed by the Manager.
  5. The Manager will establish consequences for failure to meet and sustain improved performance if a stepped-approach is appropriate, reserving the Company’s right to terminate.
  6. The Manager will obtain the employee’s signature and date on the form indicating agreement with the PIP.
  7. Periodic reviews (minimum of one, maximum of six, based on the depth of the PIP) will be conducted on a regular basis with the employee. The Manager and employee will initial each progress review.
  8. The form will be retained by the Manager for the duration of the PIP. At the end of the PIP period, the Manager will determine if the PIP was satisfactorily completed or if corrective action is required. Upon completion of the PIP, the original will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.
  9. The PIP is not intended to be an employment contract or guarantee of continuing employment.