9.6.9 – Termination of Employment


As your employment relationship with Edge Fitness, LLC is an “at will” relationship, you can terminate your employment at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without notice; Edge Fitness, LLC retains the same right.

Note: Under federal law it is illegal for you to be fired because of age, race, religion, sex, national origin, or a disability that does not influence job performance.

Resignation and retirement are two of the ways you can terminate your employment voluntarily.

Under normal circumstances, you should give the Club Manager at least two week’s written notice in advance of your resignation so that your final pay and other termination materials can be processed in due course.

Under normal circumstances, unless you are terminated at the initiative of Edge Fitness, LLC for misconduct or performance reasons, Edge Fitness, LLC will provide you with two weeks’ notice of termination.

Edge Fitness, LLC may terminate your employment because of a lack of work, elimination of your position, unsatisfactory performance, conduct, attendance, punctuality or for any other reason not expressly prohibited by law, or for no reason.

Before your employment is terminated under any circumstances – voluntarily or involuntarily – you must report to the Club Manager for a termination interview. The interview will enable you to arrange for your final pay, turn in Edge Fitness, LLC property in your possession (e.g. keys, written materials), provide us with sufficient information to forward you insurance forms and payments and other documents that may be of importance to you, and to arrange to pick up your personal belongings.

On termination, your final pay will be issued to you no later than the next regular payday following your termination date, in accordance with legal requirements. Your final pay will be reduced by any payments we made to you in the way of advancements.

Guidelines for the General Manager

Keep the following guidelines in mind if you have to fire an employee:

  • Do not fire an employee in anger. Take time to evaluate the decision before proceeding. Never fire someone “on the spot.”
  • Comply with company policies and procedures.
  • Document the reasons for terminating employment, as well as any warnings or efforts made to improve the employee’s performance.
  • Be honest about the reasons for the termination.
  • Termination should be done in person, not by telephone or email.
  • Have an observer present to document the meeting.
  • Be tactful and respectful. If the termination meeting is insulting or disagreeable, the possibility of legal action increases.