1.2 Company History

Refer here to the Company History presentation.

The EDGE Fitness Clubs is one of the largest privately owned fitness chain in Connecticut. We have built our company on the philosophy of providing outstanding fitness facilities staffed with the friendliest team in town. Owner operators manage all of our state-of-the-art facilities. Each club provides cutting edge services like personal training, innovative classes like Pilates, massage and the best instructors available. We have spent over 25 years serving over 60,000 local Connecticut residents. Our members voted our clubs as “Outstanding” in our Annual Membership Surveys. Our goal is to change our members’ lives through health and fitness while providing the best clubs in the country.

With a goal of providing a fitness experience like no other, Vincent Sansone, our company founder, built our first club in Middletown, Connecticut in 1987. At that time, Vincent was working at and running 2 separate World Gym locations. It was always his dream to open his own health club and with the encouragement and support from his wife, he decided to venture off and open his own club. His first club was called The Fitness Connection. Within 6 months, Vincent decided that he would like to franchise his health club, so the club soon became a Gold’s Gym. Several years later, in 1997 he had so many members, he needed to relocate the gym to accommodate all the members, and the gym moved down the road to Cromwell, CT. In 1989, Vincent opened his second Gold’s Gym in Bristol, CT, right next to ESPN. At that point, Vincent’s brother Jim Sansone and brother in law, Larry McNellis joined the quest.

A local franchise was born when we launched our third location in Fairfield County in 1991. Our Fairfield club was a huge success and the market demanded another club. We made a decision to put an additional Fairfield County club in Stratford in December of 1994. We believed that our members would benefit greatly by building clubs close together.

Through the years, our customers have told us where and when to grow. And we have listened. We decided we wanted to focus on our Fairfield County gyms, and since we sold the Bristol club in 1994 and then years later we sold the Cromwell club to WOW Fitness in 2001. In early 1997, we opened our East Norwalk location at the train station. This is when we dropped our Gold’s Gym name and this became our third Fitness Edge location. Then in 1998, we opened up our first Women’s Fitness Edge. A year later in 1999, our Milford location was opened.

In December of 2000, we began to outgrow our Norwalk location, so we bought World gym of Norwalk and created our largest Fitness Edge location yet and called it our “superclub”. Then in December of 2004, The Fitness Edge bought the World Gym in Greenwich.

In March of 2006, The Fitness Edge made one of its hardest and greatest decisions to date. The health club industry was changing. There were two types of Health Clubs: a very low cost health club with no services or a very high priced Health club with many services. The Fitness Edge decided we were going to offer a low priced health club membership yet retain our wonderful reputation of the best classes, personal training services and daycare. The decision birthed The Edge Fitness Clubs. We decided that 3 of our six locations would now become The Edge: Fairfield, Stratford and Milford. Once again, The Edge pioneered the low priced, full service model.

In 2008, after discovering the success of The Edge Fitness Clubs, the company decided that we would close The Women’s Fitness Edge and combine it with our Norwalk Superclub and create The Edge Fitness Club in Norwalk/Westport. At that time, the Fitness Edge of Greenwich became The Edge of Greenwich.

We now offer 12 clubs, each with its own personality. Our goal is to continue to grow and offer our customers more clubs and more choices. We plan to continue to update our existing facilities and promise to always maintain outstanding service and the same friendly environment our members are accustomed to. Thanks to our customers for guiding us through the years and for allowing us to grow!