1.5 – The Edge Company Core Values

At the Edge, we run a “clean” program and a “tight” ship, which reflects upon the core values of the organization.

  • Positive Attitude
  • Game Excellence
  • Work Hard and Focus on Goals
  • Communication and Team Work

Positive Attitude:

  • Be enthusiastic and engaging. Smile!!!
  • Have fun at work!
  • Always positive and upbeat. Keep problems at home. Never negative!
  • Take yourself serious. Take your job serious. Be a true professional!
  • Be well groomed at all times, i.e., clean shaven, shirt tucked in, showered, pressed pants, clean shoes, etc.
  • Take great pride in what you do!
  • Show up to work 15 minutes before your shift ready to work.
  • Be grateful to work for The Edge Fitness Clubs!
  • Work towards personal growth and development!

Game Excellence:

  • Drive the business vs. babysitting the business.
  • Consistently, provide outstanding service by exceeding expectations. Handle any service issues immediately.
  • Act as if you are the manager of the business at all times.
  • Consistently attain personal goals!
  • Generate revenues! Sell memberships!
  • Take the initiative at work. Step up and make it happen!
  • If it is to be, than it is up to me attitude

Work Hard and Focus on Goals:

  • Work towards goal every minute of every hour of every day!
  • Provide outstanding service to our members. That will make getting to goal easier.
  • Always carry yourself with a sense of urgency. Move fast!
  • Focus: When you’re at work, work! Never stand idle.  Recognize the next opportunity to help get to goal or provide outstanding service.
  • Punctual: arrive to work 15 minutes prior to shift. Every day!
  • Respond to all member concerns in a courteous and professional manner.
  • People, Integrity and Profit. (PIP Principle)

Communication and Team Work:

  • Communicate with team the opportunities and daily game plan.
  • Communicate with team when leaving the front desk.
  • Communicate with manager any opportunities including missed opportunities.
  • Communicate by always leaving notes in the computer about any member or prospect issues
  • Communicate with team members the opportunities that you anticipate to contribute to the “daily goal.”
  • Ask a manager for guidance and suggestions when anticipating to approach an opportunity, i.e., new membership, personal training shot, renewal.
  • Ask for constructive criticism from your teammates. We can never learn enough! Give constructive criticism to teammates!
  • Push yourself and others to work and perform at an optimal level!