1.4 – Department Descriptions

Personal Training

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Group X

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Edge Strong

The following classes are offered club by club, run for a set number of weeks and require an additional charge:

  • TRX- All core the entire workout! An incredibly effective resistance training workout that uses your own body weight. VIDEO 
  • Kettlebell Bootcamp – The ultimate challenge using kettlebells. Builds strength and generates fast weight loss.
  • Knockout – An all bags workout driven by martial arts techniques set to music. Enhances reflexes and creates a more defined body.
  • Pilates Group Reformer – Develop amazing core strength and long, lean muscles. Improves overall flexibility and balance.
  • Youth Fitness – Customized youth workout programs based on each group’s needs. From sport-specific training to all-around, fun workouts.
  • Treadmill Training – An indoor running experience led by a trainer. Each course is designed to be a unique challenge.
  • Tri-Fit – Eight (8) ninety minute workouts encompassing three (3) thirty minute phases: strength, cardio and flexibility. VIDEO 
  • Ultimate Conditioning – A powerful workout to build strength and endurance. A variety of drills are conducted incorporating speed, agility, resistance and flexibility training.
  • The Body Method – Using a ballet bar and light weights, isometric movements replicated from ballet, yoga and Pilates are incorporated to produce long, lean, strong muscles.
  • Backyard Bootcamp – Outdoor workout done at a time and place of your choice. You host it, we BRING IT!

Edge Kids

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EDGE Challenge

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