Day in the Life of the General Manager

The following is the schedule that you will adhere to on a typical day.


  • All of the following is done while managing the front desk operations. It is not done in the office. The General Manager of the Club is not a desk job!
  • Evening Shift follows the same front desk procedures as the morning shift.


5:30 a.m. Arrive at work
5:30-5:45 ·       Prepare Opportunity Sheet for the day

·       Print all daily reports/goal sheets for the front desk

5:45 Early morning trainers arrive for their shift
5:45-6:00 Prep Trainers for their day
6:15 Floor check/locker room check
6:25 Prepare to take hand-off from trainer (if necessary)
6:30 ·       Take hand-off from trainer

·       Complete Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) presentation and close PT sale (Repeat every 30 minutes if necessary)

(if no hand-offs)
Break down prior day’s paperwork/dailies and review Sales Detail reports
7:15 Floor check/locker room check
7:30 Check and return corporate emails
7:45 Update Master Shot Sheet
8:15 Floor check/locker room check
8:30 Work the point with front desk employees
9:00 Production Meeting with Sales Manager

·       Review numbers
·       Confirm appointments
·       Review daily tasks

9:15 Floor check/locker room check
10:00 Meet with Fitness Manager

·       Review numbers to date
·       Opportunities remaining for the day
·       Morning summary

12:00 p.m. Work out
1:15 Review and correct unfunded sessions
1:45 Afternoon trainers arrive for shift
1:45-2:00 Fitness Manager and General Manager prep Trainers for their day
2:00-2:15 Post Shift Meeting with morning Trainers to review their day and prep upcoming day
2:15 Role Play with Trainers that need work on their hand-offs

·       Identify action plans
·       Hold coaching sessions
·       Role-play sales process topics with Trainers