4.1.1 Daily Trainer Prep Meetings

Each day you’ll arrive on site at 5:30 a.m. and begin by preparing the Navigation Sheet. It lists all of the day’s personal training opportunities, including new clients, renewals, or clients canceling.

You’ll use the Navigation Sheet to review the opportunities with each Personal Trainer when you meet with them each morning. Doing so helps you set up the Personal Training team for success by ensuring that they have enough opportunities in their calendar to hit their daily financial goals.

Click here to review the Managing Opportunities for the Day page.

Trainer Pre-Meeting Handoff

To prepare for your trainer handoff, complete the following:

  1. Review shot sheet to make sure all opportunities are highlighted. Opportunities include:
  • All Visual Fitness Planners (VFPs)
  • Red dots — PT renewals, supplement handoffs, RS cancelations
  • Anyone who owes balance
  • Any unfunded sessions
  • Potential comp sessions
  • Any RS clients who can potentially increase frequency
  1. Meet with trainer to identify which opportunities are going to be handed off for current day and who will be taking the handoffs.
  2. When necessary, strategize and role-play how each opportunity will be handled.
  3. Click thru all other appointments and their event summary to ensure no opportunities have been missed.
  4. Discuss each client’s goals and if they have begun taking supplements yet; if they have discuss when it will be time to reorder.
  5. Highlight new clients third paid session for a progress check.
  6. Ensure that the Personal Trainer has floor service scheduled into any open spots in their schedule along with a goal for fitness assessments.