4.1.2 – Monthly Prep Meetings with Trainers

Fitness Manager KPI Review       

Once a month it is your responsibility to meet with trainers to review of KPIs, Sales, and to create action steps. Use the form KPI Review 2015 with the trainer in you meetings.

Note: This will require some preparation prior to your meeting. Trainer must bring client folders to meetings.

Club Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)           

  • 100% of the Trainer’s clients have Member Accounts
    • Number of clients
    • Number of Accounts created
  • 100% of Clients have Programs Run – 1st paid session
    • Number of clients
    • Number of programs
  • 25% of Clients have logged food within last 5 days
    • Number of clients
    • Number logged
  • 100% of Clients have weight updated each week
    • Number of clients
    • Number weighed

dotFIT Sales                            

  • On track hit minimum
  • On track to hit success ($400)
  • 100% of clients are contacted once per week in addition to sessions
    • Trainer %
  • Percent of clients achieving 10 visits (PT sessions and ES)
    • # Clients
    • # of 10 visits


  • Success & Value Added Goals
  • F1 Closing %
  • Client Results -randomly review three client files
  • Floor Pull Prospecting and review PT Tracker

Action Plan for Improvement