4.2.1 – Appointment Reminder

When new members join The Edge, they will receive a complimentary fitness appointment with a certified Personal Trainer. This includes a 30-minute workout assessment and a 30-minute body transformation plan designed by one of our Fitness Managers. This is valued at $100 and is designed to provide our clients with a strategy for achieving their goals.

Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) software will be used during the session to provide the member with a visual depiction of when they will achieve their goals and what their body will look like using The Edge’s revolutionary Total Fitness Solution to achieve their goals.

  1. The Membership Advisor books the appointment immediately after membership is purchased. The Edge expectation is that Membership Advisors will book a fitness appointment with 70% of all new members.
  2. Once booked, an email is immediately sent from Datatrak notifying the member of the appointment. Another email reminder is sent by Datatrak 24 hours in advance of the appointment

Note: These emails are sent automatically by Datatrak.

  1. The Fitness Manager calls the client to confirm the appointment the day before.


  1. Club OS PT Sales Flow automatically sends a text message reminder to the client two hours before the fitness appointment.


Through these efforts, The Edge expectation is that 70% of those who have booked appointments will show up for their scheduled appointment.