4.2.3 – Transformation Plan

The Fitness Manager works with the client to develop a body transformation plan.

Prepare for the VFP Presentation

Before meeting with the new member, the Fitness Manager will:

  1. Open Datatrak.
  2. Open the Datatrak Calendar by going to Menu on the top of the screen and selecting Calendar under Schedule.
  3. Select the member.
  4. Click on the trainer who is doing the first 30 minutes of the appointment.
  5. Make sure the member’s billing is set up to bill the card on file and club account.
  6. Choose Options > PT Value 30, and select the level of trainer.
  7. Have Par-Q available in front of you to discuss the member’s goals and take notes.

If the Fitness Manager has time while the client is with the Trainer, he/she will pre-load the VFP software in preparation for the meeting with the client.

  1. Open VFP and click the F1 button on the menu
  2. Pre-load the VFP software according to the instructions below.
  3. Complete the member’s contact information, including:
    • Search for the member’s name by typing a few letters of the member’s first name and a few letters of their last name. Look for the all caps choice in the bottom left hand corner of the gray screen. [if the name cannot be found, enter name as in Datatrak]
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The Fitness Manager’s full name selected in the Staff field.Note: Look up this information in Datatrak if the Trainer did not list all of the information.
  1. Click Save, then forward once to Wish List to fill in the goals that the member told the trainer. Include all information you can from the PT Assessment.
  2. Prioritize the member’s fitness objectives by clicking on the objective once or twice to highlight and move the goal up or down.
    Note: You must complete the Specific Goal. Otherwise that priority will not be highlighted in the email later.
  3. Click forward once to the Goals & Health
  4. Ensure that the Lose Weight and Gain Muscle options are selected.
  5. Click forward three times to the Customize
  6. Enter the client’s gender.
  7. Modify the client’s Skin Color, Height, Weight, Age, and Body Composition.
  8. Change the body shape to look like the member’s.
  9. Return to the Info page in preparation for the client’s meeting with you.

Caution: If you click back you must use the arrow buttons at the top of the screen. If you use the back arrow on the bottom, the Weight field will default back to 170.

  1. Minimize VFP on the screen so that no one closes the program.
    Note: Once the VFP program is closed the transformation plan will be emailed immediately to the member.

Make the VFP Presentation

During the discussion with the new member, the Fitness Manager will use the VFP application to make recommendations for a training program that will allow the client to achieve his/her goals.

Refer to the relevant VFO Cue Cards for a script to guide the Fitness Manager through the presentation.

Watch this video to see the VFP Presentation in action!