4.3.1 Sale of Supplements

Your primary goal during the client’s second fitness appointment is to commit them to a supplement regimen that will help them attain their goals even faster.

You can learn everything you need to know about dotFIT from the dotFIT Supplement Reference Guide.

dotFIT Sales Procedures

Click here to review the procedures for working with the client to set them up with dotFIT.

dotFIT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Each Trainer has a series of KPIs that they are responsible for attaining. These are:

  • Each trainer must sell a minimum of $250/month in supplements.
  • 100% of new clients receive supplement recommendations and a food menu printed on their second paid session.
  • 100% of the Trainer’s clients should be set up in the dotFIT system.
  • 85% of the clients should be logging into dotFIT at least one time.
  • 25% of the clients should be logging their food intake.
  • 50% of the clients should be making dotFIT supplement purchases.
  • The average purchase of dotFIT supplements is $39 per client.
  • The average dotFIT sale per new client at session 2 is $39.
  • 30% of the clients should purchase the Edge Strong Plus 20 upgrade.

The spreadsheet below provides an example of how these objectives are tracked on a monthly basis. This information feeds into the quarterly performance reviews.


dotFIT Marketing and Inventory

We promote dotFIT in our clubs through our marketing displays for shakes and supplements, as well as by using the products ourselves.