2.1 – Front Desk Etiquette

The Edge Fitness Club front desk is the hub from where all of the day’s business starts and ends and is the place where most employees are stationed. It’s the place members approach when they need help or want to make a purchase. It is the place all members visit upon entry to the gym. It is also the initial impression when a potential member visits for the first time. When working behind the desk for the Edge Fitness Clubs you are expected to greet all members by name, have fun, move fast and service all Edge members with a sense of urgency.

Here is how we define The Edge Fitness Clubs Front Desk Etiquette:


  1. Smile, have fun. Be enthusiastic, be sincere, enjoy people. Say hello to members as they arrive and exit the gym.
  2. Be positive and communicate with team members.
  3. Someone must man/attend the point at all times.
  4. Pay attention to members before anything else.
  5. Be in full uniform.
  6. Move fast but calmly, controlled and smart.
  7. Stand straight and ready to serve our members.
  8. Understand the business and the opportunities to drive revenues and memberships.
  9. Keep the desk and shake bar clean and organized.
  10. Answer the phone before the second ring.
  11. Tag out when leaving the desk. (Communicate to other team members.)
  12. Engage members in conversation. Get to know them, what they like, dislike. Build rapport.
  13. Ask members “Did you like the shake?”, “How was your personal training session?”
  14. Open doors for ladies with kids when situation allows, be polite, have good manners (say please, thank you, yes ma’am, yes sir, etc. where appropriate).


  1. Neglect members.
  2. Move slow.
  3. Lean or sit behind the desk.
  4. Eat behind the desk.
  5. Text or make cell phone calls behind the desk.
  6. Be out of uniform behind the desk.
  7. Be negative or complain about personal problems.
  8. Be sloppy or messy.
  9. Have too many employees behind the desk at once. 3-5 employees is the max. If a grenade blew up behind the desk it shouldn’t kill the entire staff.