5.4 – Member Account Changes


Members check into the front desk each time they exercise. The screen alerts the front desk staff upon their check in of how much time is remaining on their membership.

  • 60+ days from their renewal date = renew at same rate as last year plus 2 free months.
  • 30-59 days from their renewal date = same rate as last year plus 1 free month.
  • 1-29 days from renewal date = same rate as last year.

Front desk staff approach the member at time of check-in and also leave notes on the account to reflect conversation and next steps. Club OS now has a flow for renewals, that is not currently loaded or actively being used.

Member Account Changes

  • For any freezes or unfreezes to a members account, we fill out an EDGE change form for the effective dates
  • Leave a detailed note in Datatrak and the billing clerk will process the payment

For billing changes:

  1. Go into the members account under the billing tab
  2. Select add a new payment, and if it is a debit or credit card, swipe the new card in the credit card reader
  3. The new card number will update in the system
  4. Check all three boxes unless the client wants a different form of payment for their club account section