3.1.1 – Daily Production Meetings

Meet Daily with the Sales Manager

The Sales Manager prints the daily schedule from Club OS, and then meets daily with the General Manager to go over the appointments booked, who is on tour, to notify him/her of the time the production meeting is being held, and to ensure that the schedule is posted. The Sales Manager also spot checks some calls to confirm that these are real appointments.

Attend Sales Manager’s Production Meeting with Membership Advisors

One of the Sales Manager’s daily responsibilities is to conduct a daily production meeting with the Membership Advisors. The purpose of this meeting is to review the sales figures with the team and let them know where they stand month-to-date versus goal. It is also the place to address any weaknesses from the day before and month to date.

The General Manager will attend these meetings in order to track sales figures and ensure that Membership Advisors are receiving the coaching they need to succeed. Ideally, the GM will attend as many of these meetings as possible per week. One of the main goals of the production meeting is to role play with the team the areas that need the most work.

Meet Daily with the Fitness Manager

The General Manager meets with the Fitness Manager each day to keep track of daily fluctuations in Recurring Services from the beginning of the month.

The GM also ensures that the Fitness Manager has the trainers actively prospecting, and are held accountable to club goals.

Post-shift, the GM oversees the Trainers’ meeting with the Fitness Manager to:

  • Ensure that the VFP presentation is completed 100% of the time
  • Ensure that the Club OS Daily PT calls have been executed
  • Oversee dotFIT compliance
  • Oversee KPI management using the Fitness Manager’s KPI Poster

Review Outreach Game Plan and Execute

Part of the strategy The Edge uses to increase sales is the use of community outreach. The General Manager works with a Brand Ambassador as part of the Outreach Team to build strong brand awareness within the community.

The Brand Ambassador accomplish this by building relationships with local businesses, spending time outside of the club communicating with the people in the community. Communication and relationship building may be done in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) visiting with employees of local businesses during the work day, attending community events, visiting locally populated areas and engaging in one-on-one conversations with potential members.

Both the Brand Ambassador and the GM must have the ability to create a sense of urgency within themselves and their clubs to drive this part of the business. You must create a culture of having fun while getting to goal. Your ability to create and sustain a culture of driving and grinding to achieve our membership unit and revenue goal, while having fun, will dictate your success.

The Brand Ambassador is expected to achieve the following goals:

  • Goal of 75 Memberships per month sold outside of the clubs
  • Goal of 50 one week trials set up for prospects outside of the club
  • Goal of 50 calls per week (to leads and local businesses)
  • Manage the Take-Ones and Lead Boxes in Territory
  • Give flyers/passes to prospects not ready to join with Name & Exp. Date
  • Maintain ongoing list of businesses visited via Google Docs

In addition, the Brand Ambassador checks in and out each day with the General Manager to communicate progress on membership units and revenue.

The Brand Ambassador can also be a valuable resource to help the GM know what is going well or needs improvement on the Sales team. The Sales Manager directly oversees the Brand Ambassador and is responsible for most of the communication and partnering with this role.

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