3.1.2 – Monitor Results

The General Manager is responsible for monitoring the Club sales and taking action to ensure that sales goals are met daily and for the month.

Membership Goals

Each club’s membership goals are to:

  • Each Membership Advisor is responsible for generating 75+ memberships per month.
  • The Sales Manager should generate 75 memberships per month.
  • Of all new memberships,
    • 25% or more are for 24 months.
    • 75% or less are 12-month memberships
    • 70% of new members are booked for a first fitness appointment (F1)
    • 70% of F1s booked will show for the appointment. (49% Book/Show % of New

Each Membership Advisor should attain:

  • 3 VIP guest names per new member
  • 6 appointments booked per day. If this number is not met the Membership Advisor is excluded from walk-in tour privileges.
  • 40% of all appointments booked must show up for the appointment
  • The average enrollment fee goal, which changes monthly based on the promotional calendar.
  • 95% of memberships need to be paid monthly (PBM), and 5% paid in full (PIF).
  • Some clubs have a 97.5% PBM to 2.5% PIF goal.
    • 50% of PBM memberships sold will choose their checking account as payment method
  • 70% or higher closing percentage on all tours
  • 44 appointments per month show up
  • 132 appointments booked per month

In clubs with Basic and Platinum offerings:

  • At least 75% of new members purchase the $19.99/month Platinum Membership.
  • 25% or fewer new members purchase the $9.99/month Basic Membership.


Each day the GM will: