3.1.3 – Identify Areas of Weakness and Develop Action Plans

Managers at The Edge are responsible for identifying areas within their purview that could be improved, and providing leadership and coaching to help their teams meet expectations. This might be done by observation and experience. Alternatively, you might choose to use the Employee Review Sheet to assess the performance of staff who may need to improve.

Generally, the first line of defense when problems arise on the Sales Team is the Sales Manager. During daily production meetings the Sales Manager provides coaching to the team, or provides opportunities to role-play various scenarios. He/She may also need to work with team members individually to coach them on bad habits, monitoring the employee’s improvement.

If the Sales Manager raises the issue to the General Manager, this indicates that the problem has not been resolved and the GM is now responsible to take action. The GM will use his/her best judgement to determine the course of action required.

If it is decided that Human Resources should be involved, The GM should establish a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)  with the employee. Refer to the Corrective Action page for additional information.

Use daily meetings with staff to address problems that are common to many staff members. Sometimes some coaching can help the whole team improve.