3.2.2 – VIP Referrals, Web Leads, Telephone Inquiries, and Walk-ins

Some key performance indicators to generate memberships include VIP referrals, web leads, telephone inquiries, and walk-ins. These are an equally important part of The Edge’s strategy to increase sales. We encourage our members to invite friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates or anyone who is looking to workout.

VIP Referrals

A way for us to generate leads is by offering existing members our VIP Guest Program at point of sale.

Benefits to the member include:

  • Free Shake once 5 friends are added to their VIP Guest List
  • Free T-shirt after adding 10 friends to VIP Guest List
  • Free membership time
    • One month free after 2 of their VIP guests have joined The Edge
    • For every additional VIP guest who joins, another month free
  • Gifts for friends: anyone listed on the VIP Guest List receives a 7-day pass to work out at The Edge

Benefits to the guest are:

  • Seven consecutive days free
  • All membership features including group exercise and tanning and access to all Edge locations

Telephone Inquiry

The Front Desk and Membership Advisors follow the Telephone Inquiry script for calls to The Edge. This should be used as a guide during the conversation. Click here to review the Telephone Inquiry script.