9.5.1 – Review and Submit Payroll

The Edge payroll is prepared every other Friday. Our pay periods are two weeks long, starting on a Friday and ending on a Thursday. Paychecks are distributed every other Thursday.

There are five components to payroll:

  1. Time clocks
  2. Sales/Trainer/Generating Dollars (GD) Commissions/Supplement Commissions
  3. Admin Sheet
  4. Group X/Specialty/Reformer Payroll
  5. Edge Strong Payroll

Note: Refer to the Recurring Services/Club Account Management Guide page for instructions on running and printing any of the Datatrak reports mentioned on this page.

Time Clocks

Managers review the staff time clocks daily to ensure that no clock ins/outs are missing. Refer to Review Timeclocks Daily for instructions.

On payroll day, run a report for the first week of the pay period, another report for the second week, then a third report for the full two-week pay period. View these reports to make sure no clock ins/outs are missing. Then print all three reports and include them in the payroll packet which will go to corporate. Instructions for running the report are found on the Review Timeclocks Daily page.

The purpose of these reports is to see which employees may be into overtime hours each week. It also shows which employees may be losing their full-time status by working too few hours. Lastly, you should be looking for employees who are working over a 7 ½ hour shift and are not punching out for breaks. Manage the employee, not the timeclock!

Adjustment Sheet/PTO

The adjustment sheet accounts for any days off, changes in employment status and any other out-of-the-ordinary situations that would affect an employee’s pay:

  • Sick Days
  • Vacation Days
  • Holidays
  • Personal Days
  • Quit/Fired/Suspended Dates
  • Extra Hours (salaried employees)

Since the payroll has become completely automated, all reports must be thoroughly looked through by the manager to ensure the accuracy of the payroll.

The Adjustment sheet will be the only sheet submitted by the manager to the payroll administrator. The adjustment sheet (attached) will account for all changes to employees’ payroll and any PTO. For example, if a trainer’s commissions were calculated incorrectly and did not appear on the commission report, we would need to add that manually.

Complete the Adjustment Sheet

List the category (e.g., Sick Days), name of employee, date(s) of their absence/holiday and the number of days affected.

For holidays, list all hourly, full-time employees who would normally work on that day.

When an employee quits or is let go, list their last day of employment within that pay period.

If a salaried employee works extra hours that have been approved through the corporate office, they need to be accounted for on this sheet.

Managers MUST send the adjustment sheet to the payroll administrator on Friday.

Trainer Commissions

For trainer commissions, run the EDGE Trainer Commissions and Client Hours report for the pay period dates.

Print a hard copy to read for accuracy. If you find any commissions that are missing, you must add them to the adjustment sheet, including the trainer’s last name, first name, and the amount.

Note: List the trainers in alphabetical order.

Membership Commissions

For the desk staff membership commissions, run the EDGE -Salesperson Commission Report for the pay period dates. Print a hard copy to review for accuracy.

If you find that there are membership commissions that are not included, you will need to add those to the adjustment sheet, noting the salespeople in alphabetical order, last name first, first name, and then amount. If you have any employees that are receiving membership commissions but should not be (a manager for instance), you will need to subtract them on the adjustment sheet. You should also go into that manager’s file and make sure they are set up with the correct commission level in Datatrak.

Supplement Commissions

Any employee that should receive supplement commissions should be listed on the report EDGE – POS by Serv Employee – Detail – Supplements – RW. Ensure that the employee’s name is correct and that it matches the name in Datatrak and online.

Generating Dollars (GD) Bonus

GD bonuses are 1% of the employee’s generating dollars from the previous month. There are two reports to run for these numbers:

  • The EDGE – Generating Dollar Leader Report, which gives the total generated in the club dailies for the month chosen.
  • The EDGE – Generating Dollars Report – Detail. This report shows the total revenue generated through club account billing. The number to use is the Total per Employee in the right column.

For each employee, add the numbers from both reports to get the total dollars generated per employee for the month desired.

Group Exercise/Specialty/Reformer Payroll

Every class on the group exercise schedule is in the Datatrak scheduler. Each time an instructor teaches a class, he/she will verify and complete the event in Datatrak.

To see what classes were verified during the pay period, run the Edge: Group Exercise Payroll Dane report. This will generate the class hours that each instructor has taught for payroll purposes.

Edge Strong Payroll

If a Trainer is teaching an Edge Strong class instead of an external instructor, make sure that the Trainer clocks out for that hour that he/she is teaching the class, as this would double-pay the employee.