5.7 – VIP Trial Memberships

Presenting the VIP Guest Information

  • Detail the benefits of the program
  • Use the VIP Presentation
  • Overcome Objections
  • Encourage member to complete the VIP form using their cell phone and providing extra sheets if necessary
  • Wait for the member to finish the form before returning to the membership area
  • Print a copy of the agreement
  • Attach one copy of the receipt to the agreement and get signature on the other
  • Give the member a business card for future questions
  • Shake the new member’s hand when process is completed

In addition to guest passes, we promote VIP trial memberships on our website and through our member referral program. These vary from 1 day to 7 days for a trial. The prospect can print the trial membership from the website but it is not required. There are also promotions for VIP guests who are eligible. Ask your manager about current programs.

Members who successfully refer new members through the VIP guest program are eligible to receive a gift.
Watch New Member Referral Incentives to learn more.